20 Best UK Farming Podcasts of 2021

May 17, 2021

Are you wanting to learn more about uk farming? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best uk farming podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

Best UK Farming Podcasts 2021

With thanks to ListenNotes, Crunchbase, SemRush and Ahrefs for providing the data to create and rank these podcasts.

Big Juicy Creative

  • Publisher: Suzy Bashford
  • Total Episodes: 61

Big Juicy Creative is the show which nurtures your busy creative soul, so you thrive personally and professionally. You could be in a ‘creative’ career, like marketing or the arts, or maybe you wish you did something more creative. This podcast will show you how, if you approach your life with creativity – a bit more openness, curiosity, self-expression, imagination – it will become bigger, juicier and more meaningful. Creativity is about way more than painting or poetry, and this show brings you inspirational tales from beyond the creative department, from farming to fractions. Your host, Suzy Bashford, is a freelance journalist, who writes about creativity among other things, a workshop facilitator and a speaker. As well as interviews, she’ll bring you shorter, solo podcasts where she sums up and test-drives the advice she’s given, reporting back to you with her trademark honesty. Suzy is a mum on a mission to unleash our collective creativity so we can solve the world’s big problems… and we need buckets of creativity for that, so please get listening! For more info: www.bigjuicycreative.co.uk IG: @bigjuicycreativeliving FB: @bigjuicycreative LI: Suzy Bashford

Sarahs Country

  • Publisher: Perriam Media Limited
  • Total Episodes: 825

Farming food & fashion for a discerning world is serious business in Aotearoa New Zealand.  The challenge has been laid before us to embrace a changing world and balance business that is sensitive to people, profit and the environment.  Sarah’s Country connects knowledge and shines the light on the matters that matter most to New Zealand’s biggest industry, the primary sector. “There are opportunities everywhere just waiting for open-minded people to take bold and brave leadership and support farming and growing in New Zealand for a positive future,” says Sarahs Country host Sarah Perriam. “Sarah Perriam is without a doubt New Zealand’s most exciting young rural journalists,” author, Ross Hyland. As a leading voice in New Zealand agriculture, Sarah Perriam has worked for over a decade behind & in front of the camera in rural media, recognised for her extraordinary commitment to progressing the conversation of how we farm food and fashion with an open heart & open mind.   “Voices like Sarah’s – strong and passionate – are crucial for farmers to say informed on the issues,” New Zealand’s Minister of Agriculture, Damien O’Connor. Sarah has led an impressive career well-known from her nation-wide role as a radio host on ‘Rural Exchange’ and a rural commentator on TV3’s ‘AM Show’.    “Sarah is a fantastic advocate for rural NZ. This girl cares and is not afraid to confront the tough issues,” Newshub Journalist, Mary-Jane Tomasi. Sarah is both a host of the popular show ‘Sarah’s Country’ and businesswomen with her production agency, Perriam Media with a team of 7 and a video & radio studio in Canterbury New Zealand. Perriam Media produces Sarah’s Country, with its team based at Tai Tapu in Canterbury, and in the UK, as well as producing visual podcast series for their clients to have solution-led marketing through thought-leading communication.   ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when creating them’. And I love being in a role where I can facilitate the tough conversations on my show and providing my client’s solutions to be thought-leading,“ explains Sarah. Listen, watch & interact at sarahscountry.com. Produced by Perriam Media Limited. For more information on creating your own multi-media podcast : www.perriammedia.com Corporate partnerships & press releases welcome. Send / request more information [email protected] 

Alltech Navigate: The pioneering zero-cost advice service designed to reduce feed waste

  • Publisher: Bob Kendal
  • Total Episodes: 4

By Alltech UK. The practical on-farm advisory series designed for farming professionals to listen to on-demand and on-the-go. To watch the webinar series and/or read up on the speakers, visit: https://go.alltech.com/uk/navigate/webinar-series To speak to your local advisor, call 01780 764512.

Small Farm Academy Podcast

  • Publisher: Luke Callahan
  • Total Episodes: 19

The Small Farm Academy Podcast is hosted by me, Luke Callahan, and is an exploration of different small farming businesses. We cover everything from how to produce microgreens to understanding the importance a Profit & Loss Statement. This show is equal parts how-to, business skills, and bad jokes. Enjoy!

For the love of weather

  • Publisher: Gemma Plumb & Aisling Creevey
  • Total Episodes: 14

Meet Gemma and Aisling. They have worked in the UK as meteorologists for over ten years. Gemma came up with the idea that maybe others might like to listen to the non stop conversations they still have all these years later about the weather. Over the years they have forecast for festivals, farming, road, rail, energy, media, aviation and even the humble ice cream demand forecast and so much more. They have gone through job changes, life changes and delved in and out of many hobbies and somehow the weather still weaves in and out of their lives. So this podcast is for anyone who would like to join our weather conversations and wherever the jet stream may take us! We hope you join us for our bi weekly chat and leave each episode loving the weather just that little bit more.

Ahead Of The Field

  • Publisher: NFU Mutual
  • Total Episodes: 35

Will Evans visits farms around the country to explore the subject of farming diversification. How are farmers creating new income streams and new business models? What challenges have they overcome and what do they think the big opportunities are? Stories and advice from those who have successfully diversified, as well as farming experts from NFU Mutual. For more detail, NFU Mutual’s full report on farming diversification is available here: https://www.nfumutual.co.uk/farming/farming-diversification/

Future Farming podcast

  • Publisher: Defra
  • Total Episodes: 3

The Defra Future Farming and Countryside team have all kinds of fascinating conversations with people in the farming world. We thought it would be great to share some of them as a podcast. We also have a blog defrafarming.blog.gov.uk

Agricology Podcast

  • Publisher: Agricology
  • Total Episodes: 10

Moving towards farming systems that harness ecological processes to maintain productive agriculture whilst also building resilience, efficiency, and regenerating the farm environment is a constant learning process. www.agricology.co.uk is a hub for farmers and researchers to share the latest innovations and experiences of putting agroecology into practice. We chat with some of the movers and shakers in the fields, labs and food supply chains; focusing in on different sustainable farming practices in ‘Agroecology in focus’ and speaking with innovating farmers ‘In the field.’

Integrated health, safety and environmental management – for iPad/Mac/PC

  • Publisher: The Open University
  • Total Episodes: 40

Just how dangerous is the everyday workplace? What can be done to mitigate risks and avoid hazards? And what trade-offs have to be made between the competing demands of safety, efficiency and wider social responsibility? This album looks at three very different case studies – farming, food manufacturing and urban redevelopment – and explores the varying approaches to risk management within each different sphere. It includes a visit to Fox’s Biscuits and Brooksby Agricultural College in the UK and the city of Pittsburgh in the USA, and includes interviews with participants, academics and professional experts. The material forms part of The Open University course T835, Integrated health, safety and environmental management.

Nature Friendly Farming Podcast

  • Publisher: Ben Eagle, Will Evans
  • Total Episodes: 16

Join us to hear from nature friendly farmers from across the UK who are farming and improving nature on their land. #NatureMeansBusiness

The Ethical Butcher – Connecting to nature.

  • Publisher: The Ethical Butcher
  • Total Episodes: 2

Discussing the human connection to the natural world through food, nutrition, farming, sport health and fitness. Movement of mind and body. Based in London UK.

Jamie’s Farm Podcast

  • Publisher: Jamie’s Farm
  • Total Episodes: 3

Podcasts brought to you by the Jamie’s Farm team. Running unique residential stays and follow-up for kids in the UK to help them thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Our podcasts look to explain and explore our core values of ‘Farming, Family and Therapy’.

Farm Walks

  • Publisher: Soil Association
  • Total Episodes: 3

Farm Walks is the brand new podcast from the Soil Association. Each week Ben Raskin, Head of Horticulture, will be talking to a different farmer to give you a unique glimpse into farming in the UK. The Soil Association is the UK’s leading organic food and farming charity and certification body.

Real Talk With Terry

  • Publisher: Real Talk With Terry
  • Total Episodes: 16

Terry Bell has helped develop Bell & Company and its sister brand, EU Property Solutions, over the past 10 years. Terry is a straight talker, vital in the pressurised environment of debt and this has led to the release of this podcast series. The businesses operate from Belfast primarily and Leeds, with a San Pedro outpost in Spain. Bell & Company pride themselves in offering Independent Professional Insolvency Advice. Working with all industries, including farming, construction, hospitality, property and retail – whatever your situation, we can help. Chat to a member of our team today. Our initial consultation is free and we can quickly help clients plan their way through the problems of debt in whatever form they come. 0330 159 5820 [email protected] https://www.bellcomp.co.uk/contact-us/ Or check out our other social channels: https://facebook.com/bellandcompany1/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/bell-&-company

My homie Rick is over for quick chat

  • Publisher: Jireh Soriano
  • Total Episodes: 1

My homie Rick aka @bukobrown has been working hard with his production of farming and also music. He came over to have a quick smoke and vibe for a bit so might as well record a quick discussion while I play guitar in the back round.

LRSN Back On Track

  • Publisher: LRSN
  • Total Episodes: 3

Lincolnshire Rural Support Network is a volunteer-led charity providing pastoral and practical support to the farming community and rural people during periods of anxiety and stress, and with problems relating to their families and businesses. Listen to our series to learn how we help and support the agricultural community and how you could help too, from health and wellbeing to industry news and exciting fundraising activities we have it all. If you are in need of help, call our helpline 0800 138 1710 open daily 8am – 8pm. For more information go to www.lrsn.co.uk or to donate to LRSN go to www.justgiving.com/lrsn Music composed by David Hawes LRSN Back on Track is recorded, edited and produced by Ellie Codling

BAM Mag Special Report – #PigBusinessNI

  • Publisher: Tina Calder
  • Total Episodes: 1

In this series bamni.co.uk owner and journalist Tina Calder investigates the impact of the intensive factory farming of pigs in NI and the devastation anaerobic digestion plants across the country is causing in communities.

Conversational Breakthroughs

  • Publisher: Joe Stumpf of By Referral Only
  • Total Episodes: 14

I have a deep belief that all lasting change begins on the inside and works its way out. I believe that lasting success is a combination of doing the deep personal work and having a business philosophy that is in alignment with your core values. I believe that, ultimately, the business that will give you the most joy and profitability is the one that is based on referrals and repeat business. I believe that becoming a referable person may be one of the most rewarding and challenging quests that you’ll ever embrace. I believe that when you focus on developing yourself while creating the systems and structure in your business that make it easy and fun for others to introduce you to the people they care about, your work will become your play. I believe that the old model of cold calling and buying leads on the internet is a way of avoiding connection. I believe what Gary Vaynerchuk says, “You are first a media company and the backend of your business is selling real estate and helping people get loans.” I believe that dialogue skills are essential to mastery. I believe that the future of real estate is brighter than ever. I believe that the agents and lenders who will prosper the most are the ones that embrace the role of being a provider of all Home Services. I believe in community and being part of a group of like-minded people is the secret to sustainability. I believe that life is for learning and when we learn something, we integrate it, then teach it. I believe that every real estate agent and lender is the leader of a tribe. I believe that a tribe of 150 people has the capacity of referring over 50 transactions a year to you. I believe that “gardening” is a 10x more profitable than “farming.” I also believe that beliefs are changeable, you do what you do when you believe what you believe, and when you believe differently, you do differently. I believe that I have an important message that must be shared. I believe you will get what you need when you need it from my message.

Twenty First Century Crops

  • Publisher: Cambridge University
  • Total Episodes: 10

‘Feeding Seven Billion’ Cambridge led Public Debates on Global Food Security: Debate 1: Biotechnology, Intellectual Property and Twenty First Century Crops What is the relative role of private industry and publicly-funded research in promoting agro-biotechnologies? Is technological innovation the primary way to address the challenge of food security? What are the strategic priorities of the biotechnology industry? Might the utilisation of agro-biotechnologies limit other options for agrarian reform? What is the impact of GMOs on food safety and seed security? Is there a necessary trade off between these two concerns? Speakers: Dr Derek Byerlee; Indpendent Researcher and Author of the World Bank World Development Report 2008 Agriculture for Development. Professor Ian Crute; Chief Scientist, Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board. Lead Expert Group for the UK Foresight project on Food and Farming Future Professor Jack Kloppenburg; University of Wisconsin. Distinguished environmental sociologist and award winning author of First the Seed: The Political Economy of Biotechnology. Chair: Professor Christopher Gilligan; Chair, Cambridge University Strategic Initiative in Global Food Security; Professor of Mathematical Biology, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge

Integrated health, safety and environmental management – for iPod/iPhone

  • Publisher: The Open University
  • Total Episodes: 40

Just how dangerous is the everyday workplace? What can be done to mitigate risks and avoid hazards? And what trade-offs have to be made between the competing demands of safety, efficiency and wider social responsibility? This album looks at three very different case studies – farming, food manufacturing and urban redevelopment – and explores the varying approaches to risk management within each different sphere. It includes a visit to Fox’s Biscuits and Brooksby Agricultural College in the UK and the city of Pittsburgh in the USA, and includes interviews with participants, academics and professional experts. The material forms part of The Open University course T835, Integrated health, safety and environmental management.

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