Practical Security Tactics For Businesses With Valuable Stock

When running a business or protecting valuable stock, hiring security can be crucial in the prevention of financial losses, especially with the rise in commercial property burglaries recently. All businesses from small scale convenience stores to high-end jewellers and banks will have implemented various security protocols, mainly to omit a presence and deter thieves. There are some business owners who install fake CCTV equipment, giving the allure of security measures, without the real thing. Even digitally, we use measures to ensure the minimal loss of data, protect against viral threats and stop infiltration on our technology, but with numerous options to choose from, how do we best ensure maximum security?

Consider Hiring A Security Expert

Security staffing is usually imposed at public events, nightclubs and anywhere there is a possibility of untoward behaviour. This can be best practice, especially when security is needed in real-time situations. When a delayed response is acceptable, CCTV can be a great substitute for the need for a physical presence, such as looking after areas considered off-limits, abandoned sites and buildings. This also will eliminate the need for insurance costs or potential lawsuits. While surveillance equipment is a more cost effective means to protect your interests, at least longer term, initial costs for the technology or setting up can be expensive and there may be regular fees attached to the running of the software, so CCTV isn’t always practical. If you run a business, event or site, obtaining the peace of mind that your business is protected may be worth the extra financial investment, just be sure to weigh up the best options for your specific security needs.

Get Security Dogs

Going against the conventional methods of security, we don’t always recognise dogs as guards, though there are several characteristics that prove this may be the best option for some businesses. Canines have the unique ability to smell humans from a good distance, which in addition to being specially trained to recognise intruders and naturally having faster reactions than humans, suggest they may be the optimal choice for certain security needs. A potentially greater combination for increased security, is implementing a guard dog in addition to a security guard, for a fused skillset of identifying intruders swiftly with a dog bark and taking the appropriate actions as a human guard. There are different breeds of guard dogs and specific firms that offer canine security services. For instance, the guard dogs from React K9 Dog Security Services come fully trained and will be fully insured with expert dog handlers, creating convenience in addition to peace of mind.

Upgrade Tech Regularly

Technology is constantly evolving and while most of us tend to upgrade our devices regularly for material reasons or software enhancements, newer iterations should also be considered for the evolving security upgrades. It’s apparent to most of us the risks posed when you consider the numerous phishing, smishing, malware and other cyberattacks that exist, and while we can mainly steer clear of security breaches, keeping software upgraded and updated plays a vital factor. So, while our apps seem to consistently require software updates from developers, it may give you peace of mind knowing that the security impact is constantly being improved.

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