UK’s York-Based Biotech Startups Revolutionising the Industry

January 3, 2024

The thriving Biotechnology industry in York has seen the birth of many startups in the past two years. Each of these budding businesses brings a unique offering to the table, from innovative therapies for health conditions to progressive technology platforms that are forging a new path for future development. This feature will give you an in-depth look at a select few of these startups, and you’re bound to be as excited about their potential as we are. Let’s dive in and take a look at who these trailblazers are.

First up, we have Gameto, a biopharmaceutical company laying the groundwork to redefine female reproductive health. They’re harnessing cellular engineering to create treatments that offer improved outcomes and fewer complications for conditions that don’t yet have effective therapies. Find out more about them here.

Next, let’s take a look at Linus Biotechnology. The company’s focus is on creating a technology platform that exploits the possibilities of exposome sequencing – a powerful tool that studies how environmental factors affect health. You can learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Then there’s Evvy, a startup devoted to overhauling our understanding and treatment of the female body. Their first product is the Evvy Vaginal Health Test, the first-ever at-home vaginal microbiome test to use metagenomic sequencing. It aims to offer women insight into their health that they would not otherwise have. Check out their LinkedIn here to discover more about their work.

Treadwell Therapeutics

This clinical-stage oncology company consists of a team of renowned scientists working to develop innovative cancer treatments. They have an extensive pipeline of promising drugs, supported by a vision for addressing the gaps in cancer care. You can find out more about Treadwell’s work on their LinkedIn.

Ozette Technologies

Major advancements in technology have paved the way for a new approach in life sciences, and Ozette Technologies is at the forefront of this shift. They’ve developed an AI-enabled monitoring platform for immune responses, helping doctors diagnose and prescribe treatment with greater precision. Visit their Website or their LinkedIn to learn more about their work.

Gennao Bio

This private genetic medicines company is developing a unique targeted nucleic acid therapeutics system. Their focus on significant unmet needs in oncology and rare muscle diseases showcases their commitment to progressive healthcare solutions. For more information on Gennao’s work, check their Website or LinkedIn.


Aiming to develop therapies for life-threatening diseases, this New York-based biotech company specialises in pioneering targeted protein degraders; a form of drug treatment for cancer. Visit their Website or LinkedIn to find out more about their work.

Reset Pharmaceuticals

This innovative biotech company is focused on developing and commercialising novel psychedelic treatments for patients with some serious illnesses, including cancer. They are currently developing a psilocybin psychotherapy program targeting cancer-related mental health issues. Visit their Website or LinkedIn for more information.

BAKX Therapeutics

As a leading provider of cancer treatment, BAKX Therapeutics is focused on developing innovative therapies for cancer patients. They are headquartered in Kingston, NY. Visit their Website or LinkedIn to find out more.


Graviton is an exciting biotech startup focusing on the development of novel therapeutics for the treatment of autoimmune, cancer and certain genetic diseases and fibrotic conditions. Their key product, TDI01, a potent inhibitor of ROCK2, has started clinical trials. Find out more about their work on their Website.

Nine Square Therapeutics

Working to create new small-molecule therapeutics for degenerative movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and ALS, this biotech company combines computational technology and machine learning. Explore their Website to find out more about their innovative work.

As we can see, the Biotechnology field in York is abundant with startups that are not only innovative but are also committed to making real-world changes that can improve people’s health and wellbeing. We are excited to see what the future holds for these companies and the industry as a whole.

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