UK-Based Consumer Software Startups Revolutionizing the Industry Landscape

January 28, 2024

The United Kingdom, known for its diversity and openness, has played host to a wide range of startups. These companies have spotted gaps in the market and are using unique and innovative approaches to offer solutions and address customer needs across various industries. Diverse and dynamic, the UK startup scene continues to thrive despite the turbulences of recent years. This article aims to showcase remarkable startups, each offering exclusive consumer software, and that have emerged in 2020 and beyond.

We turn our attention to these innovative firms that are representing the United Kingdom on the global platform, by providing solutions across industries as diverse as consumer electronics, blockchain, and finance.

Also noteworthy is the way these startups are leveraging advancements in digital technology, tapping into giant leaps in areas like blockchain, audio, music, VoIP, and the like. And so, without further ado, allow us to introduce some noteworthy UK startups in the consumer software industry.


Based in London, Nothing is a consumer tech company that eliminates the barriers between people and technology by developing smart, connected consumer electronics. Co-founded in 2020 by Carl Pei and Akis Evangelidis, the company is making waves in the fields of consumer, consumer electronics, consumer software, and IT. You can learn more about Nothing on their LinkedIn page or follow them on Twitter.

CSX Carbon

Located in Barningham, Norfolk, CSX Carbon is leveraging technology to measure carbon through the use of drones, satellites, and detailed carbon analysis and modelling. The company, founded by Andy Howard and Edward Milbank, operates in the Consumer Software and Software sectors.

Xgen ONE

Based in London, Xgen ONE operates within the blockchain and consumer software space, as well as music. While their website does not provide a wealth of information about them, their Facebook page might provide more information.


Rize, located in London, is facilitating the exchange of insights between diverse voices in tech through bite-sized audio interactions. Targeted at audio, consumer software, music, and social media sectors, the startup is spearheaded by Adrienne Youngman. More information about Rize can be found on their Facebook and Twitter feeds, or their LinkedIn page.


Talia, based in London, aims to address the gender wealth gap by reimagining pensions to specifically empower women in their 20s and 30s. The company was founded by Eleanor de Kanter and Yiannis Pelekanos, and operates in the consumer software, finance, financial services, and fintech sectors. More about Talia can be located on their LinkedIn page.


Bonded in Eastbourne, East Sussex, Callable specialises in consumer software, speech recognition, telecommunications, VoIP, and Wired Telecommunications. Though other details are not currently available, more might be found on their LinkedIn page.

LF Group

LF Group, based in London, seeks to simplify the process of gamers finding others with similar interests and skill levels. They have a varied toolkit that includes a Web platform, a Discord bot, and a mobile app. LF.Group was founded by Alex Karetin, Alexey Moiseenkov, and Dmitry Beseda, and you can stay updated on their activities via the company’s Twitter handle, @lfgtool.


Born in London, Homescore provides property services to assist those who must rent or sell property legally. Founded by Ryan Anderson-Smith, the company helps with organisation of inventories, check-ins, and legionella risk assessments for rental homes, and also offers EPCs, floor plans, and viewings when selling a house.

Bulk Token Sender

Also based in London, Bulk Token Sender specialises in sending and distributing ERC20, ERC721 & ERC1155 tokens to multiple addresses at low costs. It can certainly be classed as a niche within cryptocurrency, digital marketing, e-commerce platforms, Ethereum, marketing, software, and web apps sectors, and you can keep up with them via their Facebook page or their Twitter feed.

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