Spotlight on E-Commerce Startups Thriving in Wales, UK’s Entrepreneurial Hub

January 20, 2024

Across the UK, startup companies are a key part of the vibrant and dynamic business world, but within Wales, these companies are experiencing a significant boom in growth and recognition. Particularly within the realm of e-commerce, startups are employing creative, tech-oriented solutions to provide services to consumers. The companies in this article were all founded in 2020 or later and are based in Wales, showcasing the latest entrants into the UK startup economy due to their operations in the e-commerce industry. Here we profile eleven e-commerce startups from Wales that are poised to make significant strides in the future.

E-commerce in the UK is a highly competitive sector but these businesses manage to stand out thanks to innovative business models, the integration of cutting-edge technology and due to the entrepreneurs who are driving these companies forward. By focusing on the customer’s needs and utilising new technologies, these companies are adding convenience, efficiency and value to the consumer experience.

Whether they operate in the traditional e-commerce or online retail or provide innovative services to help other businesses perform better, the startups named here are showing signs that they have what it takes to succeed in the long run. Below, we outline each of these companies, their founders, links to their social media and what they do in the e-commerce industry.


Co-founded by Brad Karney, Ilan Kessler, Joel Aaron and Judd Katz, Refundid operates in the e-commerce and information services sectors. This Sydney-based startup is dedicated to providing solutions to some of the major challenges faced in the e-commerce sector. You can find them on Twitter as @refundid, on Facebook, and on LinkedIn.


Carted, founded by Holly Cardew and Mike Angell, is a startup that provides an API for universal commerce. They function as an online platform, delivering design code to their customers. They can also be found on LinkedIn.

My Childe

Georgina Carberry co-founded this D2C e-commerce brand named My Childe. They utilize advanced manufacturing techniques with plant-based polymers to make eco-friendly, plastic-free products. They can also be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The OneTwo

Established in 2020 by Margot Balch and Maria Golushko, The OneTwo is a clothing brand offering fit technology. They provide comfortable, good-quality bras for women, enhanced with superior online customer experience and personalized shopping. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Arjun Singh, Johann Grunberger, Kirit Kundu are the founders behind m8Buy, an e-commerce platform where you can shop with your friends, get feedback, and even gain tiered discounts based on the size of your group. You can reach out to them on Twitter at @m8buy.


Founded by Max Shand, Serenade is another great startup operating in the music e-commerce sector. They can be reached on Twitter as @serenade__co, on Facebook, and on LinkedIn.

Go Supply

Based in Strathfield, New South Wales, Go Supply is a retail e-commerce startup operating in the healthcare and medical sector. Josh Al-Din is one of the founders. is a startup offering a management solution that allows buyers and agents to manage real offers for properties online. You can find Propps on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Abhiram Sampath, Wispri is a unique service that tracks sales and sends alerts when a specific product’s price drops. You can find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


co-founded by Oriane Juncker, Spotz is a startup catering to the childcare sector, providing useful services and products for women. You can find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

These startups, all established within the last two years, are an indication of the vibrancy and dynamism of the Welsh startup scene. In the competitive sector of e-commerce, these companies are carving out a niche for themselves through their innovative business models and the use of cutting-edge technology.

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