Rising UK Broadcasting Startups: Shining Spotlight on York’s Innovation Hub

January 29, 2024

The broadcasting industry within the United Kingdom has witnessed a substantial surge in startups since 2020. Despite the challenging times, many companies have leveraged technological advancements to disrupt the traditional broadcasting landscape, thereby offering innovative services to their consumers. In this article, we will focus on startups headquartered in York; we hope to introduce you to some bright and emerging names making waves within the broadcasting industry.

In the UK, York has always been known for its rich history and magnificent structures. However, with the rapid growth of startups, York has started to carve out a place for itself within the tech industry, especially broadcasting. These startups, with their novel approach and use of modern technology, are contributing to enhancing the status of York as an emerging tech hub.

Despite being a challenging year, 2020 saw the inception of an array of inventive startups operating within broadcasting. These companies have not only survived but managed to grow and gain popularity within a short span of time. Their innovative model and forward-thinking approach are paving the way for a new age of broadcasting in the UK, and indeed, globally. Let’s take a closer look at some of these exciting companies.

Roca News

Roca News is focused on building a community around the news so that its readers can form their own opinion on various events and occurrences. Despite being a new player, the company has garnered a considerable following for its unique approach to news broadcasting. Though the founders prefer to remain anonymous, their work speaks volumes about their vision and commitment.

Extra Salt

Combining video games, esports, live streaming, broadcasting, apparel sales, lifestyle accessories, professional gaming, and professional esports athletes, Extra Salt is broadening the horizons of traditional sporting industry. The founders’ identities are undisclosed, but their exceptional work is evident in the company’s popularity among gaming enthusiasts.


With Dillon Bernard as a recognized founder, Newsworthy is transforming the broadcasting, consulting, content, creative agency, education, film production, media and entertainment, news, publishing, and TV production industry. Currently, the company website and social media handles have not been disclosed.


Antonia Hellman, Ethan Hellman, Ivo Rothschild, and Michel Cassius, the dynamic founding team of Toucan, are introducing a social-first video platform designed to mimic human interactions online, revolutionizing web development, video chats, and video conferencing.

Awry Productions

Awry Productions is serving the broadcasting, digital marketing, event management, events, music, and personal branding industry. While the founders prefer to keep their identity undisclosed, their commitment to delivering quality service is reflected in the company’s growing popularity.


Atlantic195 is making its mark in the broadcasting, media, and entertainment, music, and news industry. Despite the identities of the founders are not being disclosed, the company is gaining considerable recognition in the industry for its innovative approach.


Ralf Jacob’s Spotz.ai is carving a niche for itself within the broadcasting industry. Currently, the company’s social media handles remain undisclosed.

United Business Outlook

United Business Outlook, founded by Lovkesh Mahato and Sanchitt Goenka, is an online magazine that provides comprehensive coverage and analysis of international businesses from all industries. This broadcasting and digital media start-up is steadily becoming a trusted source of business news portrayal.

These startups, with their innovative approach and use of state-of-the-art technology, are gradually redefining the broadcasting industry in York, thus catering to the evolving needs of their consumers. We hope to see these and many more startups continue to thrive and contribute a new and exciting dimension to the broadcasting industry in the UK.

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