Revolutionizing UK Agriculture: Spotlight on Emerging AgTech Startups

January 22, 2024

The agricultural technology industry in the United Kingdom has been thriving with numerous startups being launched over the past couple of years. These companies leverage the latest technological advancements to revolutionize farming practices, increase sustainability, and boost productivity in the agricultural sector. In this article, we feature some of the most fascinating AgTech startups founded in 2020 or later, that are redefining agriculture in the UK.

With the headquarters of these startups spread out across the country, from the bustling city of London to the academic hub of Cambridge to the picturesque landscapes of Oxfordshire, these firms represent the geographical diversity of the UK. These businesses work on a variety of areas within the AgTech sphere, including precision farming, alternative food production, environmental sustainability, and more. This highlights the vast scope and immense potential of the AgTech industry in the UK.

From producing dairy-free dairy products to developing smart coating technology, these startups are transforming the way the world views agriculture and farming. Let’s dive in and explore what these innovative startups are doing in the realm of AgTech:

Better Dairy

Located in London, Better Dairy employs precision fermentation to manufacture dairy products without the use of animals. This innovative application of technology has allowed the company to produce the same cheeses, yoghurts, and ice creams that customers love in a more sustainable and animal-friendly way. Founder Christopher Reynolds and Jevan Nagarajah lead the team at Better Dairy. Learn more about what they’re up to via their LinkedIn profile.


Established in Borehamwood, Hertford, Verna is a business that uses geospatial data science to address the climate and nature crises. They assist landowners, investors, and policymakers in land usage for carbon reduction, biodiversity enhancement, and generating sustainable returns. Their areas of focus include woodland creation, habitat creation and enhancement, and regenerative agriculture. Find more details on their LinkedIn page.

Animal Alternative Technologies

Based in Cambridge, this biotechnology B2B startup, founded by Clarisse Beurrier and Yash Mishra, is engineering an ecosystem for cultured meat production. They develop a variety of processes, technologies, software, hardware, and raw materials intended to democratize access to sustainable food and tackle global sustainability and health challenges. Stay updated on their activities through their LinkedIn.


Located in Oxford, Kyomei develops a meat protein production system using plant cell biology. They utilise sustainable methods to infuse flavours into meat-based alternatives. To know more about this, visit their website here.


With its HQ in Bristol City, Albotherm offers smart transitioning coating technology that regulates the temperature of surfaces and structures without any energy input. Funded by Molly Allington and Sian Fussell, the technology turns from clear to white when temperatures rise above a certain point. This transition reflects away unnecessary light, preventing overheating. More information can be found on their LinkedIn.

Kentford Consulting

Founded in 2020 in Newmarket, Suffolk, Kentford Consulting provides consulting services in the field of agricultural equipment. The business can be found on LinkedIn.


Founded by Javier Soto, Birmingham-based AgroCognitive offers an affordable precision agriculture platform that gives farmers insights and automates farming processes. It’s designed to reduce chemical usage, improve harvests, and provide traceability for consumer food trust. Connect with the company on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

London-based is an AgTech firm helping farmers enhance profitability. They’re creating an online sourcing platform for agricultural needs, aiming to provide farmers with a one-stop-shop for all their requirements. Follow their activities on LinkedIn and on Facebook.

Bx Technologies

Another London-based startup, Bx Technologies, assists food brands in reducing emissions in their supply chain. Founders Antony Yousefian and Ben Bardsley have created an innovative data-backed reward system where proceeds from food sales go directly to farmers for enhancing soil quality and reducing carbon footprints in food production. Find more about them on their LinkedIn.


Founded by Christian von Scheidt, Alan Jurnet Berteloot, Erwann Lompech Leneveu and Gabor Zichy, E-NANO combines agtech and robotics. Their website provides a great resource for those interested in robotics in agriculture and you can also connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Farmsio, founded by Krishna Srinivasan and Venkatesh Sivaraman in London, offers a platform that improves pre-and post-harvest efficiency. It digitises the value chain and provides climate-smart sustainable solutions. Stay updated with Farmsio on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

In conclusion, these startups are the forefront of technological innovation in UK agriculture. They display a progressive transformation in farming, food production, and sustainability, addressing some of the world’s most pressing issues. The growth of these startups not only exemplifies the potential of the AgTech sector in the UK but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators in the field.

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