Revolutionizing Billing: Innovative UK Startups Headquartered in York

January 30, 2024

In the ever-evolving technology space, the billing sector has been taking substantial leaps. With the incorporation of artificial intelligence and automation into the scene, the billing industry is becoming more efficient and effective. Start-ups within this sector, especially those that surfaced in 2020 and beyond, have showcased innovation and great potential. This article presents a series of pioneering businesses in the billing industry, all headquartered in the historic city of York, UK.

These promising organisations are determined to redefine the concepts of billing and bring novel solutions to the table. Their operations range from offering flexible pricing platforms, designing software to streamline billing procedures to developing cloud-based solutions for efficient B2B transactions. Without further ado, let’s dive into the details of these visionary start-ups breathing new life into the billing landscape.

Each of these start-ups contributes uniquely in solving industry challenges, pushing boundaries, and helping businesses drive profitability through their cutting-edge offerings. Below are the promising start-ups that have emerged from the city of York over the past year.


Launched by an impressive team of founders Ahmed Shalaby, Akash Khanolkar, and Dima Ivanyuk, Octane is rapidly setting the bar high in the billing industry. Their advanced software allows businesses to flexibly price, meter, and bill via pay-as-you-go (metered) usage. Octane’s dedication to providing an effective billing solution for businesses is undoubtedly unquestionable. Get to know more about Octane by following them on Twitter @getoctaneio and checking out their page on LinkedIn.


Anchor came to life in 2021 under the supervision of innovators Leeor Aharon and Omry Man. The brand offers an autonomous billing solution that eliminates the risks of fraud and human error in B2B payments. By providing a cloud-based platform, Anchor is setting new standards for B2B billing, collections, and payments. You can learn more about Anchor on their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter @Say_anchor_ or LinkedIn.

Stride Therapy

Stride Therapy strives to revolutionize the billing industry by developing software that enhances clinical documentation efficiency, facilitates a superior patient experience and efficiently manages the billing and revenue management process. Learn more about their advancements by visiting their LinkedIn page.


With founders Gabriel Wertheimer, Maya Cohen, Nitsan Yerushalmi, and Yoav Shotland at the helm, Monto has begun making its mark in the billing industry. Stay tuned for more updates from the Monto team on their LinkedIn page.

Myriad Health

Myriad Health is a promising startup, focusing on the intersection of billing and healthcare. Spearheaded by Jeremy Shiner, Myriad Health is indeed poised to make a remarkable impact. Find out more on their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile, or follow them on Twitter @myriadbymeta.


Founded by Behailu Tekletsadik, Archetype is another incredible startup, focusing on developer APIs in the billing industry. Archetype has positioned itself as an essential part of software development, dealing with billing processes. Stay connected to Archetype by following them on Twitter @getarchetype and visiting their LinkedIn profile.


Zenskar, a unique startup launched by Apurv Bansal and Saurabh Agrawal, specializes in providing efficient billing and pricing solutions for SaaS companies. By offering usage-based pricing, Zenskar is indeed pushing the billing industry to new heights. Stay updated with Zenskar on Twitter @ZenskarHQ or LinkedIn.

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