Revolutionizing Angel Investment: Spotlight on Innovative UK-Based Startups

January 30, 2024

The UK startup scene, particularly within the Angel Investment industry, has been growing exponentially as innovative and forward-thinking entrepreneurs have seized opportunities in the market. Particularly in uncertain times, even startups themselves have begun to operate within this field, recognising the importance of supporting other young companies. This article will highlight a selection of these, all established in 2020 or later, which are making waves in this budding industry across the UK.

These startups vary greatly in their product offerings, ranging from technology aimed at simplifying the investment process, financial service companies, digital health and med-tech investments, and even an emphasis on supporting companies making social shifts. The underlying thread tying all these separate elements together is their shared goal of stimulating and sustaining the UK’s robust startup ecosystem.

The following startups have made it their mission to nurture other young companies, providing them with both the financial resources and the strategic guidance they need to thrive. Through this collective effort, they are contributing to the UK’s reputation as a hub for innovative startups.


Founded by Craig Peterson and Norman Peterson, Quva is a FinTech startup based in Durham. Specialized in both Angel Investment and Venture Capital, they provide deal origination, ongoing investment management and reporting capabilities. They are known for their unparalleled and transparent view of the entire investment process. Find more about them through their social media channels on Twitter: @QuvaSolutions, Facebook: QuvaSolutions, and LinkedIn: Quva.


London-based Fundsure organizes service providers, general management, operations, governance, and risk management in the financial services industry, in addition to offering a regtech solution for those complying with the fca handbook. Visit their LinkedIn: Fundsure and Twitter: @fundsure for further updates.

Adelio Partners

Founded by Antoine Badel, Adelio Partners is an Angel Investment finance startup in London that also operates in the Wealth Management sector. Follow them on Twitter: @AdelioPartners or connect with them on LinkedIn: Adelio Partners.


Operating from London as a Management Consulting and Angel Investment company, HAUS of VENTURES was founded by Barbara Cichello McAlpine and Ken McAlpine. Their profile can be found on LinkedIn: HAUS of VENTURES and Twitter: @hausofventures.

Spex Capital

Claudio D’Angelo’s Spex Capital is a venture capital firm in London with a focus on early-stage digital health companies. Their investments are targeted at driving global impact in healthcare systems. Find them on LinkedIn: Spex Capital and Twitter: @CapitalSpex to learn more.

Nordic Velo

Specializing in cryptocurrencies and Financial Services, London-based Nordic Velo is an Angel Investment and Venture Capital firm. Keep up to date with them on LinkedIn: Nordic Velo and Twitter: @nordic_velo.

Fokus Ventures

Based in London, Fokus Ventures is a private equity firm founded by Abass Kargbo that focuses on supporting minority and female founders in launching and scaling their businesses. Learn more about them on LinkedIn: Fokus Ventures.

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