Revolutionising UK Casual Games: Remarkable Startups in England’s Gaming Industry

January 28, 2024

In recent years, the UK has become a thriving hub of entrepreneurial activity in the gaming sector. A new generation of startups are bringing fresh ideas and innovative approaches to the world of casual gaming, identifying untapped markets and capitalising on emerging technologies. Despite the various challenges presented by 2020, these young companies have continued to grow and innovate. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ones based in England.

All these startups offer fun, engaging and accessible gaming experiences, reflecting the broader shift within the gaming industry towards more casual games that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their gaming skill level. They also demonstrate a keen awareness of the potential for games to serve as more than just entertainment, but also as tools for learning, social connection, and even business growth.

In this feature, we will showcase some of the most promising gaming startups that were born in 2020 or later. Each of these startups is contributing to the vibrant and dynamic casual gaming scene in the UK, demonstrating the creativity, resilience and entrepreneurial spirit that characterises the sector.


Based in London, England, Streaks operates in the Casual Games, Gaming, and Web Development industries. Follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to keep up with their latest updates.


Another London-based startup, 8Bitcade combines Casual Games with E-Learning and Media and Entertainment. Stay tuned to their progress on their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Playwind Games

Founded by Jack Tang, Playwind Games is a London-based mobile game studio that develops exciting new mobile games with a social twist. Find more about the company on LinkedIn.


Fikayo Otun and Tofunmi Babatunde established Kodobe to help organizations grow customer engagement using gamification. You can follow their journey on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Started by Florian Rival, GDevelop is a game creation platform for everyone. To stay informed about their progress, follow their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

Momentum Games

Founded by Tolga Unlu, Momentum Games creates viral, effective, and ambitious projects in the android and iOS game sector. Their social media pages on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook will keep you updated about their latest developments.

Pocket Burger Games

With founders Adam Sullivan, Jarrod Gecek, Matt Down, and Mitchell Smallman behind it, Pocket Burger Games ventures into creating mobile games for blue ocean markets. More about them can be found on their LinkedIn and Twitter pages.


At NetBorn, the belief is that the future of gaming lies in the metaverse. They are working to make it happen with a mix of 3 highly entertaining game genres. You can follow their progress on their Twitter account.


Fouded by Edgar Ai, Senome specializes in creating interactive stories with a nostalgic visual style and mysticism. Follow the company on LinkedIn for updates.

Despite the relatively young age of these startups, each has shown the potential to make a significant impact in the casual gaming industry. We look forward to seeing their continued growth and the innovative, exciting games they will undoubtedly create.

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