Revolutionising Education: Exceptional UK-Based EdTech Startups in England

January 20, 2024

In a world where technology is consistently transforming various industries, the educational sector isn’t left out. The emergence of numerous EdTech startups in the UK in recent years is proof of this fact. By capitalising on modern technological advancements, these businesses are helping to revolutionise learning and teaching experiences while catering to learners’ individual needs. They provide everything from personalised learning materials to interactive learning platforms, creating more engaging, effective learning environments. This article highlights several startups in the EdTech industry that were established in 2020 or later, focusing on their missions, achievements, and the individuals who founded them.


Founded by Asha Haji, Riya Pabari, and Tomos Evans, Framework is an innovative EdTech solution established in London. It is the world’s first on-demand business school, radically reimagining education for the digital age. Leveraging the expertise of operators from globally renowned firms such as Monzo, Babylon, Bulb, & Depop, Framework pioneers a model of lifelong learning. Connect with Framework on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Another London-based startup is, co-founded by Dr Jatin Anand, Dr Yao Lang Chang, and Professor Dr Edward Roy Krishnan. As the world’s first educators-created-and-operated blockchain-based open online courses (MOOC++) platform, it combines cognitive psychology principles and smart contracts to deliver an optimized learning experience. Follow on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Anvex Education

Anvex Education, founded by Raluca Diana Papuc, links students with tutors passionate about their subjects. Anvex’s app connects students with personalized, reliable educational services from top-qualified UK-based tutors. Beyond tutor-student matchmaking, Anvex’s freemium model offers a variety of career growth services. Join their community on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


SaigolEd, started by Faisal Saigol and Melanie Grace, is an EdTech company with a mission to unlock new educational horizons. It aims to provide top-tier education for children around the world. Its team, comprising tech commercialization veterans from Google/Microsoft, is committed to transforming young lives through education. Link up with SaigolEd on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


E-Numeracy, based in London, is a company that has created an innovative online product to educate those with low confidence in numbers. The company, recognized for its excellence by Cognition-X, focuses on “numeracy for employability.” Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

SuperCharger Ventures

Another London-based startup is SuperCharger Ventures, a cross-border EdTech Accelerator. It aids its portfolio companies to expand by giving access to venture finance, ecosystem, and business development. Follow SuperCharger Ventures on LinkedIn.

Moonshot Partners

Founded by Juan Andrés Lagrange Delfino and Ricardo Rodríguez, Moonshot Partners helps firms ignite their creativity and turn their digital dreams into reality. With deep expertise in EdTech and HealthTech, they offer a wide range of product and service offers, tailored to client needs. Connect with Moonshot Partners on LinkedIn.


Fostered by Alice Ursini and Novella Mazzei, UMA is a startup that develops game-based learning platforms for pre-teens and teens. It aspires to create a platform where middle to high school students will learn core subjects and critical skills by playing their games. Check out UMA on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Developed by industrious entrepreneurs Sam Enrico Williams and Theo Johnson, the TUT App stands out as a unique EdTech platform. This mobile app caters to the modern digital learner by offering influencer and celebrity career tutorials and courses. They can be followed on Facebook.

Drive iQ

Based in London, Drive iQ is an online coaching program in the field of driving. Establishing in 2020, it aims to provide new drivers with more than just a dry theory test, offering complete preparation for what’s out on the road. You can connect with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Tech for Non-Techies

In the Information Age, it’s crucial for everyone to understand technology, even those in non-tech roles. This is where Tech for Non-Techies, an online learning and training company founded by Sophia Matveeva, steps in. Based in London, it offers courses that break down complex tech concepts into digestible information. Stay connected via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

These startups stand as an emblem of the UK’s commitment to fostering innovation in education through technology. With the help of these startups, the future of education in the UK seems destined to be digital, interactive, and personalised. As we tread on the path of the future, it’s clear that the landscape of education is changing and these startups are leading the cause.

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