Revolutionising Business Information Systems: Noteworthy UK-Based Startups

January 29, 2024

The UK is home to many groundbreaking startups, some of which have been of particular interest in 2020 and beyond. In this article, we explore a few such companies, all from the Business Information Systems industry with their headquarters based in England. They range in scope from developer platforms to customer relationship management (CRM) and from financing to business development. The key ingredient shared by all of them – a foundation in the use and implementation of Business Information Systems to support, enhance, and refine their products, solutions, or services.

The startup industry in the UK is thriving, with innovative new businesses emerging in the wake of the pandemic. While many have faced challenges, several have also experienced significant growth and success in their respective fields. The following companies have not only survived but thrived amidst these harsh economic conditions, positioning themselves as key players in their respective niches. Let’s take a closer look at these companies to understand how they’re making a difference with their innovation and creativity.

Despite the extreme challenges presented by COVID-19, these companies were born after 2020; living proof that the entrepreneurial spirit is resolute even in the face of adversity. Here they are, ten UK-based startups to keep an eye on in 2022 and beyond.


Founded by George Novik, Almate is located in London, England. Operating in the Business Information Systems, Developer Platform, and Information Technology industry, this startup has positioned itself as a leader in its field. You can learn more about Almate on their Facebook, LinkedIn, or follow them on Twitter @almatecom.


Dialllog, founded by Karina Collis and headquartered in London, England, operates in the Business Information Systems, CRM, FinTech and Software industry. It is the first relationship and collaboration platform designed specifically for Venture Capital funds, aiming to improve efficiency and workflow through a suite of features. Visit Dialllog on their LinkedIn.


Waybook, based in London, England, is transforming onboarding and training. The company, offering services in the Business Information Systems, Document Management and Internet sectors, provides a platform for storing all training material in one place. You can connect with Waybook on their Facebook, LinkedIn, or follow them on Twitter @waybookapp.


Based in London, England, LIKEZERO operates in the Business Information Systems, Financial Services, Information Technology, Software, and Web Hosting industry. The startup aims to be the most trusted authority for contract data in financial services. Connect with LIKEZERO on their Facebook, LinkedIn, or follow them on Twitter @LIKEZEROSOCIAL.


Relefant, an innovative company based in London, England, helps expedite employees’ access to relevant workplace knowledge. Founded by Marko Wathen, the startup operates within the Business Information Systems, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Enterprise Applications, Enterprise Software, Knowledge Management, SaaS, Semantic Search industry. Learn more about Relefant on their LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter @RelefantHQ.

Silverwood Brands

Silverwood Brands was established in 2021 in London, England. They are involved in Business Development, Business Information Systems, and Finance, focusing on creating, growing, and investing in consumer brands. More information on Silverwood Brands can be found on their LinkedIn.


From London, England, we have Hifo, the directory for the digital transformation age. Founded by Thomas Naylor, Hifo operates in the Business Development, Business Information Systems, Business Intelligence, Information Technology, Knowledge Management, Online Portals, Procurement, Product Research, Product Search, Search Engine industry. Follow Hifo on Twitter @hifosearch or connect with them on LinkedIn.

Fabrico SaaS

Fabrico SaaS is a London-based startup in the Business Information Systems, Manufacturing, and Software industries. Founded by Blagovesta Pugyova, Fabrico is a cloud-based CMMS that manages all maintenance activities in a manufacturing facility. Connect with Fabrico on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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