Octopus Intelligence Identifies Valuable Insights That Can Become Highly Competitive Advantages to Your Business.

Octopus Intelligence is the global practice for Competitive Intelligence, insight, investigations, ESG and strategy. We identify and create certainty, insight, trends, competitive advantage and significant growth for clients operating in disruptive and traditional sectors.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Graeme Dixon. I am the founder of Octopus Intelligence. My background has been mainly Intelligence related. From starting in Military Intelligence in 1988. I had a brief stint within recruitment but even that was related. Relationships and finding the right people. For the last few years we have built Octopus Intelligence. 

What is the inspiration behind your business?

The biggest inspiration for the business was to make money when rock bottom and no place to go. That situation is great for focussing the find. Knowing the skills and then trying to create something that’s needed. Then finding there is already something called Competitive Intelligence and it’s massive in the US and within life sciences. And then trying to translate it to the UK market. 

What is your magic sauce?

Officially we combine hard work, human thinking, technology, business savvy and common sense. But really we have an almost psychopathic desire to do a brilliant job, find out the required information and go the extra mile. We are told that we are real. Very few get their boots on the ground like we do. And it’s the lack BS factor too. 

What has been your biggest setback so far?

Defrauded by £150,000 had consequences but the guilty party did spend a few years at Her Majesty’s pleasure but that offered no benefit to me. But there are many setbacks and most of them involve picking the wrong partnerships.

You will find that you rarely find partnerships where they mean what they say or do the work. Many just want to tag on your shirt tails. Don’t let them. Few will rarely have your passion and work ethic. Drop them quickly. 

What has been your biggest win so far?

There have been a few wins to various degrees. Mostly surrounding bringing on big customers. And we have had a few over the years. And we still have Trouble with doing your own thing is that you celebrate a big win have a cheer to yourself and then 5 minutes later you are looking for the next one. You can never be satisfied. 

What is the next big challenge for your business?

Getting the next deal over the line and finding the right people to help us without taking focus off the day job.

Why Competitive Intelligence important?

Competitive Intelligence is important for any sized business because it gives you more certainty when making a decision. It opens up your competitive world so you can see where your Competitive Advantage is. And you can start small and build up your skills. But whatever you do be consistent and never think a quick Google Alert will do the trick.
We are happy to give any start up advice on Competitive Intelligence and to isolate their competitive advantage. Just email us on [email protected]

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