Newest UK-Based Startups Revolutionizing the Cloud Infrastructure Sector

January 29, 2024

The UK startup sphere is scorching hot, and a significant contribution to its growth comes from those operating in the cloud infrastructure industry. Born in 2020 or later, these are the fresh faces utilizing innovative technology to alter the business landscape in the UK. In this article, we focus on ten of these startups to watch for their advancements in the cloud infrastructure space.

These startups, based in the UK, are reshaping the definition of innovation and creativity, clearly emphasizing the fact that the UK is a powerhouse for emerging tech talent. Their upscaled cloud solutions are enabling organisations to operate more seamlessly, increase productivity, and create new opportunities for growth.

Let’s delve further into this exciting industry by looking at what our featured startups offer and the talented teams behind them:


Located in Hertford, Simplifyd was co-founded by Oluwatomi (Tomi) Amao. This cloud platform delivers compute, storage, and managed DB services tailored to meet the unique African reality, unlike local cloud providers offering outdated deployment options and international providers.LinkedIn


Co-founded by Ben Gutkovich and Daniel Svonava, London-based Superlinked serves as a social infrastructure for the internet. They offer unique cloud-based solutions, tying together developer APIs, identity management, personalization, and social networking.@Superlinked

Aplomb Cloud

Nestled in London, Aplomb Cloud aligns itself with the service industry by delivering prime cloud services and IT solutions.@aplombcloud


Quix, founded by Michael Rosam, Patrick Mira Pedrol, Peter Nagy, and Tomas Neubauer, is a cloud-based platform designed to process in-memory data streams. It aids data engineers, developers, and data scientists build real-time, data-driven applications.@quix_io


Co-founded by Igor Zalutski and Mohamed Habib, London-based Digger simplifies AWS for startups. It transparently and seamlessly manages your AWS account, letting you focus more on your business than on DevOps.@digger_dev

Crystal Voice Data

Based in Cardiff, Crystal Voice Data specializes in cloud-based communication hardware, network hardware, and data integration services.LinkedInFacebook


London-based Multy is an open-source tool that enables developers to design cloud-agnostic config, paving the way for easy deployment and management of multi-cloud infrastructures.LinkedIn

Mskaifa Tech

Mskaifa Tech, located in London, is an emerging startup focusing on Cloud Infrastructure. Though they are new in the scene, they are all set to create an impact.LinkedIn

In conclusion, these startups exemplify the immense innovation taking place within the UK’s cloud infrastructure industry. Their unique offerings are revolutionizing how businesses operate and propelling the industry forward. As they further develop, we can undoubtedly expect to see promising advancements in this already dynamic field.

In the next article of this series, we will continue to highlight more startups that are making impactful contributions to different sectors within the UK’s vibrant tech startup ecosystem. Stay tuned!

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