Lockdown and Live streaming: How our favourite artists have been integral to the last year

April 15, 2021

DICE, the global music discovery service looks back on the impact music has made on our experience with a pandemic.

As 66 million Brits were plunged into lockdown, more than 42 million of us have turned to music and their favourite artists for entertainment to help ease the loneliness. As such, UK and international audiences have seen content creators and artists shift to digital. Whether it be through ticketed live streaming with fans or impromptu live performances to build a sense of community, the artist and the audience have relied on one another this year, and have formed emotive relationships as a result of this. 

DICE, the global music discovery and ticketing platform, has been at the forefront of the industry in their seamless adaptation to the pandemic, offering high quality virtual events and live streams, supporting artists while they cannot tour, and allowing fans to connect and build on their emotionally charged relationships with their favourite artists during Covid-19.

Case Studies

Noémie K, Kensington

When asked about how music, live streams, and her favourite artists have impacted her throughout the pandemic, Noémie said that the release of new music and live streamed events from DJ sets to The Hoosiers, or disco yoga with friends allowed them to feel connected while being apart, re-energising them in their weeks when feeling isolated and lethargic. “The sense of community fostered by live streamed events allowed me and my friends to feel more connected both with artists and other fans when there wasn’t much else to do over lockdown and we were missing gigs and events that we were used to attending” said Noémie. 

DAME – @dame_uk

Talking about their experience as a smaller band during lockdown, DAME commented on both the concerns this brought with it regarding growing a fanbase, as well as the opportunities live streaming and word of mouth have provided to build new relationships and nurture existing ones. “Being able to do live-streams during lockdown has meant that we were able to create a personal connection with our fans that we weren’t necessarily able to do at live gigs. As a small band, initially we were worried that lockdown would affect our ability to grow a fanbase but live streaming has been an invaluable tool to create connections with fans. There’s a lovely vulnerability to playing guitar in your East London bedroom or kitchen, and that can be really special for the audience. You know the fans watching are really there to enjoy you and your music”.

Miranda B, Clapham

Talking about their relationship with music throughout lockdown, Miranda commented on how a breakup in lockdown felt particularly isolating, and thus the emotional charge behind her relationship with her favourite artists to listen to throughout this time period increased exponentially. “Kiana Ledé’s album will remind me of that breakup and how I felt throughout that period of my lockdown forever. Connecting with Kiana and other fans through social media lives was great, but a live streamed event would have really helped me to feel connected in that time period. However, my flatmates pulled me out of my emotional funk with music too, we attended live streams by drag queens in Portugal teaching us how to make sangria between performances using music from ABBA, Doja Cat and more – It was a great experience and those songs are also going to be our lockdown anthems forever now too! We never would have discovered these performers and other artists if we hadn’t relied on digital platforms through lockdown”.

About Personalised Live Streams 

DICE live streams connect fans to personalised live streams, ranging from streamed gigs, festivals and DJ sets, in addition to an array of online arts, culture and lifestyle events. Utilising DICE’s popular Discovery algorithm that learns what each fan loves, DICE live streams will recommend upcoming shows specially for them. 

Fans can buy tickets in seconds to shows they love. They can also invite and share with friends, to support their favourite artists, venues, and shows. 

Artists, venues, promoters and creators can use DICE live streams to connect directly with fans, reach huge new audiences through Discovery, ticket their shows and grow their fanbase globally. When live events come back, they’ll be able to bring those who watched remotely together in real life. 


Founded in London in 2014, DICE has transformed how fans discover and buy tickets to live events and live streams all over the world. From A$AP Rocky to BICEP, Nick Cave to Primavera Sound Festival, from the up-and-coming to the world’s biggest acts, we work with major artists, leading promoters, and renowned venues worldwide. In addition to a respected music offering, DICE offers fans an array of arts, culture, and life style events. The app is highly personalized for each fan with a ‘Discover’ feature that recommends upcoming gigs and events just for them. Mobile-first, the app stops scalpers and protects fans. DICE is live in the U.K., U.S., France, Italy, Spain, India, and Australia – and accessible to fans globally through its live stream offering.


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