Leading London-Based AgTech Startups Revolutionising UK Agriculture Industry

January 25, 2024

As the agricultural industry continues to rapidly evolve, it’s now more important than ever to keep a close eye on the innovative startups shaking up the sector. With advancements in technology, AgTech startups are disrupting traditional farming methods and changing the old business models. Within this article, we’re showcasing 13 promising AgTech startups which were born in London since 2020. These companies are utilizing everything from blockchain, AI, robotics, and innovative food production technologies to revolutionize the agricultural industry.

Better Dairy

Founded by Christopher Reynolds and Jevan Nagarajah, Better Dairy is shaking up the dairy industry. Using precision fermentation, this startup is producing dairy products without the need for animals. From cheese, to yoghurt and even ice cream, Better Dairy is paving the way for sustainable dairy production. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Conceptualized by Omar Berada, Kingslands aims to foster greater profitability amongst farmers. This AgTech e-commerce platform serves as a one-stop shop for farmers, providing them with the necessary agricultural resources at an affordable rate. Explore their solutions on their website or connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Bx Technologies

Founded by Antony Yousefian and Ben Bardsley, Bx Technologies is a pioneering climate-tech company that leverages data-backed reward systems to encourage sustainable farming. They help food brands remove emissions in their food supply chain in a beneficial manner for both brands and growers. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Christian von Scheidt, Alan Jurnet Berteloot, Erwann Lompech Leneveu and Gabor Zichy’s startup, E-NANO, combines AgTech with robotics and sports. For details on their exact offerings, follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Created by Krishna Srinivasan and Venkatesh Sivaraman, Farmsio enhances farming efficiency pre and post-harvest with their cutting-edge digital platform. Their platform provides climate-smart sustainable solutions, analytical decision tools, and addresses food safety issues through sustainable sourcing and traceability. Connect with them on their website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

GreyTechno Industries

Motheo Kgengwenyane’s enterprise, GreyTechno Industries, is committed to accelerating the usage of green technology in production industries. They offer products and services that foster environmental-friendly practices. Discover their work on their website or connect with them on LinkedIn.

Muddy Machines

Founders Christopher Chavasse and Florian Richter are the brains behind Muddy Machines. Their field robots assist farmers in managing labour-intensive crops and completing fieldwork. They currently focus on green asparagus harvest technology and are expanding into the harvest of other crops as well as labour-intensive tasks such as weeding and precision applications. Connect with them via their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or website.


Founded by Maryna Kuzmenko, Agfluencers is making its mark in the AgTech industry. For more details about this startup, check out their website or connect with them via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Founded by Kizito Okelue, KODGAV aims to integrate African farmers into the global supply chain using its smart-data and blockchain technology. The company helps facilitate international trade across borders. For more information, check out their website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Climate X

Climate X, founded by Kamil Kluza and Lukky Ahmed, is empowering a more climate-resilient future. They deliver location-specific risk ratings and climate adjusted loss estimates to a range of customers. Check out their website or connect with them on LinkedIn.

Trinity AgTech

The AgTech startup created by Hosein Khajeh Hosseiny, Trinity AgTech, is one to look out for in the industry. For more details about this startup, check out their website or connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Despite the startup challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, these budding enterprises continue to innovate and rise to the occasion. With the constant evolution of technology and consumer demands, we look forward to seeing how they evolve and reshape the AgTech space in the coming years.

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