Exploring York-Based App Startups Revolutionising the UK Tech Landscape

December 19, 2023

In 2020, amidst the backdrop of the global pandemic, the startup scene in the UK, specifically in York, experienced an influx of innovative businesses in the apps industry. These startups, backed by a class of determined entrepreneurs, aimed to provide solutions to modern-day problems through cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interfaces. This article seeks to highlight some of these 2020-born companies, shedding light on their unique services and significant contributions within the app industry.

The startups in question cover a variety of industries, from consumer and operating systems, payments and software, to communities and messaging, mobile apps, social, esports and gaming, productivity tools, e-commerce, content, e-learning, human resources, and finch coupled with artificial intelligence, among others. These companies demonstrate the multifaceted nature of the apps industry, proving that the potential for innovation is boundless. Thus, let’s dive in and take a look at each company on this all-inclusive list.

Each startup discussed in the upcoming context has contributed tremendously to the growth of the app industry, presenting a wealth of benefits to its users while simultaneously reinforcing UK’s reputation as an entrepreneurial hub. Today, we acknowledge their contributions and cast a spotlight over the sterling enterprises they command.


Stuf is a next-generation self-storage startup. It provides easy-to-access storage in a warm and inviting environment for tech-enabled users and partners with real estate owners to monetize underutilized spaces. It was founded by Adam Demuyakor, Andrew Balogh, and Atit Jariwala.


Blip is an app-based service operating within the Payments and Software industries. Founded by Michael Bank and Seth Fenster, it offers a unique solution to an array of fintech-related processes.


Founded in 2020 by Cem Ozer, Nikolaos Georgantas, and Selin Sonmez, OneRoof connects people living in the same building to form a resourceful, supportive neighbour community.


Pogo is an app designed to help users earn money and save on shopping, finances, and more by unlocking the power of their data. Its creators are Dom Wong, Oskar Melking, and Shikhar Mohan.


Sage is a technology company that provides an operating system to improve the care and quality of life for caregivers and older adults. It captures vital data to help facilities make better care decisions.


Operating in the eSports, Gaming, Mobile, and Mobile Apps sectors, 1v1Me is an application where gaming enthusiasts can play one-on-one matches in their favorite video games and win cash. Founded by Alexander Emmanuel and Anthony Geranio in 2020, the startup aims to create a community for gamers to meet and connect. Follow them on Twitter, TikTok and LinkedIn.


Founded by Kenneth Schlenker, Opal is a Screen Time app that helps users focus better and accomplish their dreams via a combination of app restrictions, real-time feedback, and rewards.


Batch, founded by JD Maresco, is a QR code-driven software startup that powers the fastest shopping experience for brands’ customers. It was founded in 2020 and resides in New York City.


Founded by Phil Christensen and Rohan Sinha, Bubblehouse is the backbone of personalised digital assets with specific benefits as part of loyalty infrastructure, and enhances the consumer experience through digital assets.


Spokn, created by Fawzy Abu Seif and Mariel Davis, brings human connection to remote work by providing a platform where employees can share wins, swap stories, celebrate, and more asynchronously.


Lastly, ePOP AI, founded by Sunay Shah and Sunil Rajan, is an aggregator that collects all user receipts in one place to view spending history across accounts, infusing the fintech sector with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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