Exploring UK’s Groundbreaking Chemical Industry Startups Making Global Impact

January 29, 2024

As the year 2020 heralded a wave of innovation and environmental consciousness, we have seen a substantial surge in new startups in the Chemical Industry within the UK. These new businesses focus on harnessing technology and scientific advancements to facilitate sustainable operations and diverse applications – from renewable energy and agriculture to nanotechnology and artificial intelligence. Their operations span the full spectrum of the Chemical Industry, from developing environmentally friendly flavors and perfumes to inventing ‘smart’ temperature-regulating coatings. This article is part of a series that aims to cast the spotlight on some of these promising startups, offering a glimpse into their operations, founders and key offerings.

These organisations are not only fostering technological advancements to address some of the pressing challenges of our time but are also contributing to economic growth and employment in the UK. The founding teams comprise experienced professionals and enthusiastic young entrepreneurs, and their collective efforts are set to reshape the future of the industry. Dive into the world of these startups, explore their innovative solutions, and discover their potential impact on our world.

The data provided for each startup includes its name, location within the UK, the industry segments it serves, its founders, a brief company description, and contacts. This comprehensive directory is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in getting to know these exciting new businesses.


Founded by Erik Millar and Marcus Lima, this Oxford-based startup aims to decarbonize the world through its process which permanently captures and stores carbon dioxide while producing clean drinking water. The company leverages renewable electricity and the sea to mitigate past and future CO2 emissions. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Albotherm is practical technology embodied. This Bristol-based startup focuses on smart transitioning coating technology that prevents overheating by reflecting unwanted light when temperatures rise above a determined trigger point. Sian Fussell and Molly Allington are the brains behind this innovation. You can follow them on @albotherm and find them on LinkedIn.


Based in Harpenden, Hertford, PheroSyn specialises in the manufacture and production of unique pest pheromones. It is a spin-out from Rothamsted Research, and its founders include Daniel Bahia, David Withall, John Caulfield, and Michael Birkett. Check out their LinkedIn page for more.

EW Fuel Management

This Stevenage-based startup is making strides in the chemical, oil and gas, and pharmaceutical industry. You can learn more about EW Fuel Management by following them on @ewfm_ltd, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Integrals Power

Founded by Behnam Hormozi, Integrals Power is a next-generation battery nano-materials firm located in Willen, Milton Keynes. In addition to accelerating research and development, they are dedicated to the commercialization of cutting-edge batteries. Feel free to connect with them on LinkedIn.


NeoGenome, based in London, merges the power of biology and artificial intelligence to create and license genetically-modified microorganisms for the sustainable production of chemicals. The founding team includes Graham Mitchell and Giuseppe Nicosia. You can follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Nanolyse Technologies

An Oxford University academic, Dr Imad Ahmed, founded Nanolyse Technologies. The startup aims to create ground-breaking innovations in analytical science by developing simple, low-cost chemical measurement and testing instruments. Connect with them on @nanolyse, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Headquartered in London, AromatEco aims to assist household brands to become more environmentally friendly by delivering renewable flavours and perfumes. Stay in touch with them via their Twitter handle and LinkedIn.

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