Exploring UK’s Blossoming Consulting Startup Scene in England

January 18, 2024

Founded on the backbone of innovation and growth, England’s startup ecosystem is thriving. Despite the global pandemic and the resultant uncertainties, more startups are sprouting up with a resolve to proffer solutions and alternatives for various industries. In this series, we spotlight startups founded in 2020 or later that operate within the consulting industry, with a special focus on those whose headquarters are located in England. These startups represent the driving force behind a new era of business consulting, characterised by digitisation, flexibility, and tailored solutions.

One cannot mention consulting startups without giving much-deserved kudos to these businesses for their resilience and innovation. They have not only managed to emerge during quite uncertain times, but have also successfully operated, providing reliable services and growing their businesses and clientele. This article showcases just a few of these remarkable businesses and shares a bit about their journey and services, offering you direct access to their digital platforms from the comfort of your location.

From financial services consulting to e-learning, data mining, environmental consulting, health diagnostics, and more, the following startups provide various services within the consulting industry. As part of a growing trend, these startups blend expertise in their respective sectors with innovative tech-based solutions that help clients overcome challenges and improve their overall performance.



Founded by Oliver Bolton, Earthly is an environment consulting startup that helps businesses remove carbon, restore nature, and support communities impacted by climate change.


T8 is a London-based financial services and wealth management firm founded by John Eyres and Mark Duncan.


Chuck Teixeira founded the consulting, data mining, and software company, WCKD RZR, which is located in London.


ProtonDx focuses on providing molecular testing services in the biotechnology, consulting, health care, and health diagnostics industry.


As an advisory, investor and educator, ISTARI harnesses collective power to help clients become digitally resilient.

Life Lessons Education

Life Lessons Education co-founded by Nicole Rodden and Jamie O’Connell is an edutech company focused on teaching life skills to young people. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

MAASI Enterprises

Co-founders Gabriele Marini and Leonardo Zanus have guided MAASI Enterprises to become an international Technology & Engineering consulting & temporary management firm specialised in the life sciences industry.

The Software Institute

The The Software Institute focuses on providing software development training and the application of software in the business and consumer world.


Insightia co-founded by Kerry Pogue, provides a wide range of information on listed companies, covering activist investing, proxy voting, and corporate governance.

Amber Labs

Amber Labs, founded by Sebastien Payet, provides consulting services in the areas of analytics, cloud computing, data integration, and information technology.

In conclusion, England has proven to be a fertile ground for innovative and solution-oriented consultancies. These startups continue to redefine the consulting industry with their unique value propositions, strategic approaches, and determination to empower businesses and improve their overall performance.

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