Exploring UK-Based Drone Startups: Innovations Taking Flight in Great Britain

January 27, 2024

The United Kingdom’s drone industry has been bustling with innovation, particularly following an influx of startups that have taken to the skies since 2020. From drone service providers to companies working on clean technology and pinpoint logistics, the energy in this market is unarguable. This article takes an in-depth look at some of the most exciting startups in drones operation that have emerged from the UK in recent years.

These daring ventures have chosen to reimagine industries, often combining advancements in related fields such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics with their drone-centric models. Never one to fall behind in tech, the UK once again is proving to be a launching pad for the world’s most innovative startups.

With the disruption of traditional modalities and the continuous attempts to push the boundaries of technology, these startups are proving that anything is possible. Let’s delve into their stories.


Based out of London, Windracers is a standout in the air transportation and drones industry. They leverage drone technology to provide a highly efficient, cost-effective solution to air transportation. Deliverables are transported from point-to-point using Windracers’ cargo drones. This novel approach significantly reduces operating costs and contributes positively to the environment by reducing the carbon footprint of logistics operations. You can find them on Linkedin here.

Ellipsis Earth

London based start-up Ellipsis Earth, founded by Ellie Mackay, combines information technology, drone technology and waste management to create a unique solution. This impressive startup provides scientifically robust globally comparable data on plastic waste movement. Using their specialized drones, they detect, categorise and track plastic waste across commercial businesses, cities, coastlines, road networks, and more. Follow them on Twitter at @EllipsisEarth or check out their Linkedin page here.

AJ-Drone Ltd

Specializing in drones, film, photography, and video editing is London-based AJ-Drone Ltd. This startup was founded by Ashley Widowson and uses their drone expertise to capture stunning aerial Shots. Follow them on Facebook here.

GreyTechno Industries

GreyTechno Industries, founded by Motheo Kgengwenyane, is a start-up based in London that marries 3D printing, AgTech, and drone technology. Their vision involves stimulating a technological revolution across industries, by offering products and services that enable the use of environmentally friendly practices. Their Linkedin page can be visited here.


Based in Wales, Sting specializes in collecting, processing, and analyzing significant data derived from maneuvering drones in tight indoor spaces. This technology provides a unique vantage point for collecting crucial data in various sectors.


Launched by Trevor Nicholson, Slamcore is a London-based startup in the AI, drone and robotics industry. Their mission is to make commercial-grade spatial intelligence accessible to everyone. They have developed advanced SLAM software that provides robots and drones the power to truly understand the space around them.


IONA is a new kind of local logistics provider that mainly benefits rural areas. We are swapping inefficient delivery vans for highly efficient autonomous drones, levelling up the playing field between local players while cutting costs and CO2 emissions for everybody. It goes further than last-mile delivery. It’s a game changer that modifies the local dynamics: SMEs and local shops can trade in a decentralised way, not being subject to volume requirements. Follow IONA on Linkedin here.


Founded by Eren Ince, Melih Biçer, and Pelin Kaya, Venda is revolutionizing the quick commerce sector by using delivery drones to facilitate rapid delivery of grocery items. Their drone delivery network promises goods delivered in under 5 minutes, a solution geared towards areas with high population concentration. Find Venda on Linkedin here.

Innov8 Digital Media

Innov8 Digital Media is a digital media company based in Gaerwen, Isle of Anglesey. Established by Adam Milton-Barker, the company provides end-to-end digital services including drone photography, 360-degree photography, and video production. They aim to enhance businesses through modern technology and digital media. Visit their Linkedin page here.


Co-founded by Grace Wu and Theo Pape, DRONEWORK is bridging the gap between drone operators and missions by serving as a drone mission matching platform. This London-based startup caters to clients around the world, making its mark in the career planning, drones, employment, and enterprise software sector. Find their Linkedin page here.

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