Exploring London’s Rising Stars in UK’s Thriving Biotechnology Startup Scene

January 3, 2024

2020 has seen a surge in interest for biotechnology startups in London. These young companies, having drawn the interest of the global scientific community as well as investors, are striving to bring something innovative and compelling to the vibrant biotech landscape in the country’s vibrant metropolis, an epicenter full to the brim of medical and scientific innovation with a rich heritage. In this overview, we focus on eleven London-based entities that have shown promise in their respective areas, from cell biology and synthetic biology, to gene and protein therapy, to AI and quantum computing. These startups, each with its own unique approach and vision, are set to make a significant impact in the biotech industry.

One amongst these promising startups is Hoxton Farms, founded by Ed Steele and Max Jamilly. Positioned uniquely in the alternative meat market, Hoxton Farms is shaping the future of food by producing cultivated animal fat without the use of animals. Their novel approach combines cell biology and mathematical modelling to create a sustainable solution for the meat industry. Connect with them on LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter @hoxtonfarms for future updates.

Dunad Therapeutics

Founded by Diana Kraskouskaya and Patrick T. Gunning, Dunad Therapeutics is a noteworthy addition to London’s biotech sphere. The company focuses on creating next-generation targeted protein degradation therapies, establishing itself as a leading force in cutting-edge drug development for numerous health conditions.


Daniel Blicher Holst Hansen led the creation of Bactobio, a firm that sits at the intersection of synthetic biology, machine learning and next-generation sequencing. The company’s mission is to discover novel antibiotic classes to combat bacterial pathogens, particularly those demonstrating antibiotic resistance. Follow them on Twitter @bactobio or visit their LinkedIn page for more details.

Purespring Therapeutics

Purespring Therapeutics, founded by Moin Saleem, is a gene therapy organization with a special focus on kidney diseases. With a customer-centric approach at its core, it aims to make a meaningful difference in the lives of patients through its research and practical applications. Track their latest developments on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Duke Street Bio

Duke Street Bio develops innovative treatments for cancer patients. Established in 2020, it has already gained recognition within the industry for its focus on improving patient outcomes. Interested readers can find out more about the company through its LinkedIn page.


David Wright, Jarryl D’Oyley, Parminder Ruprah, and Vid Stojevic envisioned and created Kuano, an entity that combines quantum mapping and AI-led chemistry for drug discovery. Their aim is to expedite the process of drug development, ensuring patients have quicker access to better medications. Learn more about their work on LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter @QuantumKuano.

Complement Therapeutics

Complement Therapeutics operates in the preclinical stage to develop a precision medicine diagnostic platform, which will enable streamlined patient stratification based on complement-activation profiles, and provide an efficacy biomarker for future clinical studies. Further information can be found on the company’s LinkedIn page.


ProtonDx is a diagnostic platform cofounded by Jesus Rodriguez Manzano, Nicolas Moser, and Pantelis Georgiou. Its primary service is to offer molecular testing, allowing the differentiation and detection of multiple pathogens from a sample. Get in touch with ProtonDx or stay updated through their LinkedIn page.


Founders Christopher Phillips and Hemmel Amrania have pioneered Digistain’s work in infrared scanning as a means to assess the suitability of chemotherapy for breast cancer patients. The company began in 2020 and has since made substantial strides in this promising new area of diagnostics. For more information, visit their LinkedIn page.

AccuStem Sciences

Among the newer startups in London’s biotech ecosystem is AccuStem Sciences. The firm is committed to improving outcomes for all cancer patients, utilizing the latest in scientific and medical advancements in its quest to do so.

Inspira Pharmaceuticals

Nick Woolf and Rory McGoldrick co-founded Inspira Pharmaceuticals, aiming to develop innovative solutions to treat respiratory diseases. Located in London and founded in 2020, this company is on a mission to introduce better preventive measures and therapies. Follow them on Twitter or check out their LinkedIn page for more updates.

In conclusion, these startups present an inspiring preview of the future for biotechnology in London. 2020 and beyond promises to be an exciting time to watch these novel biotech firms grow and bring new beneficial health solutions to those who need them most.

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