Emerging UK Cloud Security Startups Transforming The Digital Landscape in York

January 30, 2024

Cloud security has never been more vital, with businesses of all shapes and sizes leveraging the power of the cloud to streamline operations. The industry has seen a boom in innovative startups, ready to tackle the complex cybersecurity challenges of the modern world. These startups, all founded in 2020 or later, are making strides in their field, offering top-tier cloud security solutions to businesses worldwide. Among these newer ventures are a handful of dynamic startups headquartered in York, contributing significantly to the city’s thriving tech scene.

Each of these startups has a unique approach to cloud security, utilizing the latest technology and industry best practices to keep their clients’ data safe and secure. From automated SaaS data access monitoring tools and data security technologies to cloud management and cybersecurity consulting services, these startups are set to change the face of cloud security from York to the rest of the UK and, eventually, the globe.

Without further ado, let us shine a spotlight on these fascinating new startups contributing to an increasingly secure cloud environment throughout the UK and beyond.


DoControl, founded by Adam Gavish, Liel Ran, and Omri Weinberg, offers automated, self-service tools for SaaS applications data access monitoring, orchestration, and remediation. Their approach reduces the workload and complexity for Security/IT teams by replacing manual work with automation, and involving all employees in the security process. They’re taking on highly labor-intensive security risk management tasks and using automation to enable businesses and foster a collaborative, frictionless security culture.

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Founded by Emanuele Spoto, DuskRise is a cybersecurity firm that focuses on external risk management and protecting remote devices, applications, and cloud systems. They are committed to democratizing access to top-tier cybersecurity systems, safeguarding data integrity in an increasingly remote connectivity world.

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JumpWire, founded by Ryan Cooke and William Huba, has developed an ingenious way to enforce secure data practices across applications. They feature automated protection against data leakage issues by transforming any data that requires special handling, such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Their product ensures secure data migration between internal databases and tools such as analytic and customer support systems.



Metadash, headed by Ivan Malopinsky, operates in the domain of cloud management and cloud security. Their developer tools are designed to improve the security and efficiency of the cloud infrastructure, especially for application development.



Enovvio is a data security, technology, and information sources company that merges innovation and technology for smarter insights and decisions. Their approach to security involves leveraging data from decades-old information and technology enterprises to drive progress.


dragondrop.cloud offers an innovative solution to automate the codification of cloud and resolve resources drift. Their services allow development teams to regularly scan their cloud for resources that have not been represented as code yet to ensure security in the cloud environment.



Founded by Ian Amit and Jonathan Desrocher, Gomboc.AI offers a unique solution to solve cloud infrastructure security policy deviations. They provide tailored remediations while maintaining functionality, architecture, performance, and resilience.

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