Emerging UK-based Innovators Dominating the 3D Technology Startup Landscape

January 28, 2024

We’re taking a closer look at tech startups in England that have established their businesses in the realm of 3D technology. Founded in 2020 or later, they weave together the fabric of reality with a virtual counterpart, breaking boundaries in industries from fashion and gaming to wineries and construction. The cutting-edge companies reinvent the way we approach technology, creating all-encompassing experiences, bolstering efficiency and unleashing new opportunities for creativity and innovation.

Year 2020 has ushered a fusion of reality and the virtual realm, bringing the concept of spatial computing into the limelight. As we continue to adapt towards the digital age, these companies propel us further, setting the bar for future innovators in 3D technology. Here are some of the 2020 startups making waves in the 3D tech industry in England:

Get ready to expand your horizons and explore the world through a whole new lens. Our roundup features the likes of Institute of Digital Fashion, YouNeed3D, Second Winery and more. Below, we delve deeper into the profiles of these startups, revealing their innovative approaches, market segments and their aspirations for the future.

Institute of Digital Fashion

The Institute of Digital Fashion is reimagining the future of fashion through the digital lens. This groundbreaking institute specializes in the digitalisation of garments, accessories, and environments, leveraging AR/VR technologies and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). They aim to build a more inclusive, sustainable, and diverse fashion future, thereby disrupting the conventional norms of the fashion industry.


POD LDN has established a name for itself in the visual effects and graphic design market. It offers a host of services such as motion design, 3D technology, social content, animation, and much more. Their contact mode includes mail, phone, and physical address, ensuring easy accessibility for clients.


Kaedim uses artificial intelligence to generate high-quality 3D models, catering to the needs of creators in the VR gaming and 3D art industries. With Kaedim, creation of 3D art has been simplified to merely needing an image.


PhotonLens is pioneering the development of mixed reality smart glasses. Their proprietary technology converts our experiences into immersive reality – be it entertainment, exercise or play. Their AR headsets are built to cater to athletes, gamers, and early AR adopters.


As an AI startup, Haiper is revolutionizing the field of computer graphics. Leveraging the latest machine-learning technologies, they provide 3D reconstruction solutions while striving to bring about transformative change.


YouNeed3D is a leader in 3D Asset and Infrastructure Visualisation. Established to provide visualisations of physical assets via reality models, they empower users to centralise, visualise, and share information through realistic, ‘true’ visual environments.


MSquared enables digital assets to be utilized across various platforms. Their network uses blockchain and cryptocurrency to connect these assets to organizations, thereby positioning themselves at the nexus of the digital world.

Second Winery

Second Winery brings the wine universe into the digital realm. Creating high-definition 3D digital replicas of the world’s best wineries, it seeks to deliver immersive, educational experiences about wine and wine-making through gamification, targeting millennials and Generation Z.


FLAR enables the trade, ownership, and 3D printing of items in the metaverse. Their proprietary 3D scanner can transform real-life objects into virtual 3D, thereby allowing users to create and sell 3D, AR, and VR experiences as NFTs and assets that can be used in the Metaverse and 3D Printed.

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