Emerging UK Advertising Startups Transforming England’s Industry Landscape

January 15, 2024

The England advertising industry is booming, and startups are at the forefront. From creating innovative platforms to developing new marketing models, these young firms are changing how we perceive and interact with brands. Founded in 2020 or later, these startups are making waves in the advertising world, pushing the envelope of creativity and technology to engage with audiences in unprecedented ways.

This article features UK startups that are part of this flourishing sector, showcasing their impressive innovation and their contributions to the industry. Each startup detailed here has a unique offering, setting new standards for advertising in various channels – mobile gaming, content creation, broadcasting and more.

Let’s explore the exciting world of England advertising through the lens of startups contributing to this industry’s innovation and growth, all headquartered in England and founded in 2020 or later.


Founded in 2020 by Christian Facey and Wilfrid Obeng, AudioMob provides a unique solution for the advertising industry. They allow brands to tap into the mobile gaming audience through non-interruptive in-game audio ads, helping developers monetize their games in innovative ways. Keep up with AudioMob’s latest developments through their LinkedIn and Twitter.


Another exciting startup is Fanvue, founded in March 2020 by William Monange and YouTuber Joel Morris (JMX). Born in the lockdown environment, Fanvue aims to provide an alternative for content creators, aiming to replace platforms like OnlyFans and Patreon.


Auddy was founded by Andrew Craissati, Chris Ancliff, Cliff Plumer, and Howie Singer to solve content creators’ issues in the podcasting industry. Their blend of editorial input, data insights, analytics, marketing and promotional services, and sales offer creators the resources to navigate the large and fragmented podcast ecosystem. Follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


Founded in 2020 by Andrew Mole, Lou Carpino, and Nick Feneck, PubX offers an AI-powered tool that boosts publisher revenue by dynamically pricing programmatic advertising. You can connect with PubX via their LinkedIn.


Developed by founders Camilla Chesham and Zuka Kakabadze, Fugo is a digital signage CMS that helps businesses in health care, food services, and more manage their ad networks. Follow Fugo on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


StoreLab is a 2020 startup by Campbell Paton and Sam Beedell offering mobile ad and marketing solutions for brands. Stay updated with StoreLab through their LinkedIn.

Lumi Digital

Lumi Digital offers services in web design and development, enabling brands to fully express their identity online. Keep in touch with Lumi Digital on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Founded by Karolis Skripka, Malaberg offers a range of brand-building services. Connect with Malaberg through their LinkedIn.


Founded by Frank Terry, ReachInOut helps brands strengthen their online presence with their multi-channel engagement platform. Keep updated on ReachInOut via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Wishu, a startup by Hubert Trinkunas, James Xu-Johnson, and Lavena Xu-Johnson empowers creative entrepreneurs with resources, industry trends, and freelance jobs. Connect with Wishu on their LinkedIn.


Skale is an advertising startup with a focus on digital media. Keep in touch with Skale via their LinkedIn.

These are just a fraction of the startups redefining advertising within England. By combining innovation, technology, and a deep understanding of audience engagement, they promise to continue transforming the advertising landscape, making it more interactive, engaging and, above all, effective.

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