Emerging London-based Freelance Industry Startups Shaping the UK Market

January 26, 2024

Despite facing a global pandemic in its first year of operation, the startup scene in London, England has shown resilience with several innovative platforms surfacing. This article highlights startups operating in the Freelance industry that were established in or after 2020. They offer innovative solutions across diverse sectors from human resources and outsourced services, to home services, and more. These startups have been quick to adapt and are expected to grow, marking the way for the future of the freelance industry.


Operating in the freelance, human resources, and information technology sectors, Heep was founded in 2020 by four entrepreneurs. As a leading platform for hiring no-code developers, Heep has over 100 businesses using its services to hire professionals that build apps, websites, and automations. Offering a wide pool of experts across various no-code tools, Heep facilitates fast and cost-effective project development.

Crowd Employee

Another notable startup in the freelance and human resource sectors is Crowd Employee. Co-founded by Sam Enrico Williams, Crowd Employee is a crowd working platform that provides monetary rewards to individuals offering their services to brands and businesses. Part of the startup’s appeal is its ability to create a flexible working environment and a unique payment model.


Focusing on coworking, freelance, and small and medium businesses, DeskScout offers solutions for flexible working spaces. Given the shift towards more flexible working environments, DeskScout provides a platform conducive to the growth and evolution of the modern workplace.

House Service App

The House Service App, founded by Anisa Abdulrahman, offers a digital platform for easily searching, negotiating, and booking a wide array of household services. Providing a hub of home services, the House Service App represents a significant contribution to the local advertising and service industry in London.


Wedo, a startup by David Jaques and Indiana Gregg, ventures into multiple sectors including B2B, B2C, banking, business development, freelance, payments, and software. Though details about the company’s specified offerings remain slim, it could potentially introduce disruptive changes across these sectors due to its broad industry reach.

CGI Hive

CGI Hive is another startup to watch. It’s the first comprehensive freelance marketplace specifically developed for the CGI industry. The platform matches clients with 3D artists, offering a standardized workflow and a common revision area. This enhances communication and decreases issues, thereby improving process efficiency and job completion rates.

Art Mavens Ltd

Operating in the art, freelance, and marketplace sectors, Art Mavens Ltd was co-founded by Deborah Najar and Louise Hamlin. More information about the specifics of its offering is yet to be released, but we anticipate it will bring an innovative product or service to the art scene in London.


In the freelance and health and life science domains, Lifelancer is emerging as a useful platform for job-seeking professionals. Co-founded by Jayesh Pandya and Priyesh Pandya, Lifelancer provides opportunities in the health sciences, biopharma, biomedicine, and biotech fields.


Passionfruit provides a digital home where the next generation of independent marketing talent can find work. Co-founded by Issah Abdul Moomin and Raffi Salama, it serves startups and enterprises, allowing them to work with top marketing talent on the go.


London-based SideSparkz is a multi-award-winning platform connecting businesses all over the world with UK-based, expert freelancers who are thoroughly vetted and fully insured. It was founded by Christabel Charles and can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter on LinkedIn.


Bringing innovation to the freelance, payment, and software sectors, Clak enables online digital product sales on user’s websites. Founded by Ravinath Dasika and Salim Dewani, Clak enhances the optimization of analytics on the effectiveness of links and products, further promoting efficiency. The platform prides itself on its transparency with no subscriptions or other unstated costs.

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