20 Best UK Environmental Podcasts of 2021

May 17, 2021

Are you wanting to learn more about uk environmental? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best uk environmental podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

Best UK Environmental Podcasts 2021

With thanks to ListenNotes, Crunchbase, SemRush and Ahrefs for providing the data to create and rank these podcasts.

The Green Alliance Podcast

  • Publisher: Green Alliance
  • Total Episodes: 64

The latest ideas, debate and insights on UK environmental policy and politics. Brought to you by Green Alliance – the charity and think tank focused on achieving ambitious leadership for the environment.

The Quiet Mark Podcast

  • Publisher: Quiet Mark
  • Total Episodes: 24

Welcome to The Quiet Mark Podcast. Simon Gosling, CMO at Quiet Mark – the independent, international approval award programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society – explores our relationship with sound in a series of conversations with experts who’ve spent their lives working with acoustics. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognises environmental noise as the 2nd largest environmental health risk in Western Europe behind air quality. The Mayor of London’s Environment Strategy warns that noise can contribute towards a range of physical and mental health problems, disturb sleep and affect people’s hearing, communication and learning. And, in our smart-phone era, noise isn’t only about the big sounds of planes, traffic and construction sites. Smaller sounds like someone FaceTiming on the bus or playing music loudly through their tinny headphones can cause stress, annoyance and impact on our mental health.

Breaking Green Ceilings

  • Publisher: Sapna Mulki
  • Total Episodes: 68

Breaking Green Ceilings spotlights passionate environmentalists we don’t often hear from or hear enough from including those from underrepresented groups – Disabled, Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous and People of Color. Join eco-nerd, Sapna Mulki, for your weekly installment of Breaking Green Ceilings and learn about the journeys of success, failure, challenges overcome, and aspirations of our eco-warriors. Breaking Green Ceilings features interviews with inspiring environmentalists like Bill Tripp Director of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy at Karuk Tribe Department of Natural Resources, Dr. Ingrid Waldron, author of There’s Something in the Water, Isaias Hernandez of QueerBrownVegan, and Dr. Mariaelena Huambachano, a native Peruvian Indigenous scholar, and more!

The Evolving Leader

  • Publisher: Jean Gomes and Scott Allender
  • Total Episodes: 37

The Evolving Leader Podcast is a show set in the context of the world’s ‘great transition’ – technological, environmental and societal upheaval – that requires deeper, more committed leadership to confront the world’s biggest challenges. Hosts, Jean Gomes (a New York Times best selling author) and Scott Allender (an award winning leadership development specialist working in the creative industries) approach complex topics with an urgency that matches the speed of change. This show will give insights about how today’s leaders can grow their capacity for leading tomorrow’s rapidly evolving world. With accomplished guests from business, neuroscience, psychology, and more, the Evolving Leader Podcast is a call to action for deep personal reflection, and conscious evolution. The world is evolving, are you?A little more about the hosts:New York Times best selling author, Jean Gomes, has more than 30 years experience working with leaders and their teams to help them face their organisation’s most challenging issues. His clients span industries and include Google, BMW, Toyota, eBay, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Warner Music, Sony Electronics, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, the UK Olympic system and many others.Award winning leadership development specialist, Scott Allender has over 20 years experience working with leaders across various businesses, including his current role heading up global leadership development at Warner Music. An expert practitioner in emotional intelligence and psychometric tools, Scott has worked to help teams around the world develop radical self-awareness and build high performing cultures.The Evolving Leader podcast is produced by Phil Kerby at Outside © 2021The Evolving Leader music is a Ron Robinson composition, © 2020

Between the Lines

  • Publisher: Institute of Development Studies
  • Total Episodes: 31

This podcast series explores books with ideas for positive social and environmental change. Each month we feature a book and an interview with its author. The discussions give an insight on the themes covered in the book, exploring the challenges and discoveries, and why the issues matter for progressive and sustainable development globally.Send your comments and suggestions to [email protected] IDS on Twitter @IDS_UK #IDSbetweenthelinesThis podcast is brought to you by the Insitute of Development Studies (IDS), produced and edited by IDS Communications Coordinator, Sarah King.Music credit: Crypt of Insomnia/One Day in Africa (instrumental version)/Getty Images See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Surface Interval – The Dive Line Podcast

  • Publisher: The Dive Line
  • Total Episodes: 53

Surface Interval is the Podcast part of our Dive Line Brand, started just 7 months ago and already gaining a large following and supported by some big names in the industry we continue to grow with quality consistent content, if you are looking for Fun and Captivating Scuba related chit chat then this id for you, with creators and innovators Jim and Craig, Both experienced divers with a genuine love of the Oceans and doing their small part to try and bring the global diving community together, starting with our own backyard during these strange times and the amazing uk dive sites we have here, jim an instructor, and craig, an experienced underwater photographer, The Dive Line is dedicated to the world of scuba diving. We discuss a vast range of topics including, but certainly not limited to, training, environmental issues, dive destinations and equipment, and all in both a light-hearted and informative manner, making it easily accessible for everybody – doesn’t matter whether you’re just about to start your scuba adventures or you’re a seasoned tech diver; there’s something for everyone! Both hosts, Jim and Craig, have dived in some of the world’s best-known dive locations and are keen to share their knowledge of and love for scuba. Together with some amazing guests and experts in their own fields, the podcast is an entertaining leap into the world of scuba. Alongside the podcast, The Dive Line also offers equipment tests and reviews, as well as ‘how-to’ videos, deals on scuba trips and gear, competitions and merchandise, and much, much more. If you’d like to get in touch with us, whether it’s to offer stories and suggestions, or you want to get involved with The Dive Line, visit youtube or any social media (https://m.youtube.com/c/thediveline) and drop us a line. Cheers!


  • Publisher: Waukesha County Green Team
  • Total Episodes: 31

GreenCast is a product of the Waukesha County Green Team, a 501(c)3 in Waukesha, Wisconsin dedicated to helping southeast Wisconsin and beyond become more sustainable. We are accomplishing this through educational and outreach events, supporting interest groups involved in environmental issues, partnering with like-minded organizations, and helping other communities develop Green Teams. Visit https://www.waukeshacountygreenteam.org/ and https://www.facebook.com/WCGTGreencast/ for more info. GreenCast is a monthly podcast in which the hosts have in-depth conversations with sustainability experts and passionate individuals to introduce more people to all of the wonderful work being done in and around Waukesha County. We are going to talk to a variety of sustainability professionals and learn about why they are passionate about this field and what is going on in their industry.

Facing It

  • Publisher: Jennifer Atkinson
  • Total Episodes: 6

The age of climate crisis is upon us, and grief and anxiety are on the rise. This series explores the emotional burden of climate change, and why despair leaves so many people unable to respond to our existential threat. Overcoming that paralysis is the first step in moving to action, and yet official climate strategies rarely address the emotional toll of climate grief and eco anxiety. Meanwhile, frontline communities — particularly people of color, indigenous communities, and other historically-marginalized groups — are experiencing the heaviest mental health impacts of climate disruption and displacement.Written and narrated by Jennifer AtkinsonMusic by Roberto David RusconiProduced by Intrasonus UKDr. Jennifer Atkinson is a professor of environmental humanities at the University of Washington, where she leads seminars that help students cope with the despair, anger, and anxiety that arise from environmental loss and mass extinction. Her teaching and research have helped activists, scientists, and students build resilience to stay engaged in climate solutions and avoid burnout. She has also spoken to audiences across the U.S. about the global mental health crisis arising from climate disruption, and advocated for addressing emotional impacts in the fight for environmental justice. This podcast introduces some of the experiences and insights behind that work, and explores how we can move the public to action by addressing the psychological roots of our unprecedented ecological loss.”To be numb to the world is another form of suicide.” -Terry Tempest WilliamsThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Human Impact

  • Publisher: Ed Andrew: Entrepreneur, The Human Consultancy
  • Total Episodes: 138

Ed Andrew hosts Human Impact with current and future world leaders sharing their story of bringing humanity to work and life. Hosted by Ed Andrew a former lawyer and life long entrepreneur who has founded businesses in UK, India, Australia and Indonesia across industries. A weekly show with guests changing the world for the good in their chosen fields, entrepreneurs, environmentalist, neuroscience, ex lawyers, psychologists, elite athletes, Nobel nominees, Olympians, authors, educators, scientists and technologists. They share with you their personal journeys and insights on life and work, the things they love that inspire them and the battles they have fought

Earth Shakers

  • Publisher: Lizzie Carr
  • Total Episodes: 16

Earth Shakers is a brand new podcast hosted by Lizzie Carr, an eco-adventurer, campaigner, author and founder of the environmental movement, Planet Patrol. Lizzie has spent the last five years bringing attention to some of the most pressing issues affecting our planet. And with so much happening in the world right now – all at lightening speed – it can feel like a pretty daunting place. Earth Shakers is her brand new podcast designed to help us feel equipped and empowered to make a positive difference in the world. This podcast delves into the minds of leading scientists, social innovators, activists, storytellers, adventurers and thinkers who are shaking up the planet, and making sense of the chaos. These individuals are pushing boundaries to forge a better world and we discuss everything from the challenges faced, sacrifices made and visions for the future, as well as the motivators that keep them going. We’ll be able to learn something from every single one of them and, importantly, they will be providing us with the knowledge and tools to show up and take action in our daily lives – bringing out the earth shaker that exists in us all. Stay tuned in with the conversation on my Instagram @lizzie_outside and #earthshakers https://lizzieoutside.co.uk/podcast

The African climate breakdown – Stories about climate change brought to you by Future Climate For Africa

  • Publisher: SouthSouthNorth
  • Total Episodes: 5

Are you interested in understanding how Africa’s climate is changing, what the impacts will be on the continent, and how Africa can better adapt and prepare for climate change? In this podcast series, we will delve into these details through sharing ground-breaking research from the Future Climate for Africa programme. So listen in as we talk about the science, impacts and adaptation options through Africa’s climate change stories… For more information visit: https://futureclimateafrica.org/. Future Climate for Africa is funded by the UK Government’s Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and the Natural Environmental Research Council (NERC).

The Flow Sutra

  • Publisher: Raiza Sali
  • Total Episodes: 11

Science. Creativity. Humanity. Raiza is a peak-performance consultant and an embodied leadership mentor training creatives, entrepreneurs, and executives in Flow Science. Flow is defined as the optimal state of consciousness where you feel your best and perform your best. Here, we learn to deploy cognitive frameworks for peak-performance and deep embodiment that lead to a high-flow lifestyle. She is an evolutionary activist on a mission to get our neurobiology to work for us, instead of against us. She is the host of “The Flow Sutra” Podcast, where she discusses psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, wellness and ways to activate optimal states of consciousness. Raiza grew up in India for 18 years, immersing herself in Yoga and meditation from a young age. A decade ago, she moved to the UK to pursue higher education in Engineering. After graduating, she found herself embedded in the management consulting world, where she successfully delivered on several multi-million-pound regulatory and transformation projects. However, frustrated by traditional models of corporate culture, she subsequently discovered her passion for facilitating organisational group flow and building high-trust cultures. She is also a researcher on Flow States, a Keynote Speaker, Qualified Yoga Teacher, Breathwork Facilitator, Ecstatic Dance Facilitator, and DJ. As an environmental activist, she facilitates events to raise money for disaster relief and environmental conservation. You can find her courses, events, and workshops on www.raizasali.com. Follow @raizasali on Instagram for flow inspo.

Keep it Civil – UCL Engineering Podcast

  • Publisher: UCL CEGE Engineering
  • Total Episodes: 8

Keep it Civil, the biweekly engineering podcast from UCL Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering, explores the fascinating and diverse world of engineering. We sit down with top engineers from UCL and beyond to discuss some amazing projects tackling real-world problems and shine a light on aspects of engineering science that may not have been on your radar. http://www.cege.ucl.ac.uk Banner image: Pointcloud of La Cotte de St Brelade, Jersey, by Charles Thomson, 3DIMPact Research Group (Hear more about this project: https://soundcloud.com/cege_ucl/keep-it-civil-05-digital-preservation-of-the-past)


  • Publisher: Ankit Srivastava
  • Total Episodes: 8

How can we as individual and a society help create a more sustainable planet for ourselves and our next generation. Join Ankit Srivastava as he talks to his guests from different walks of life on the actions that we can take to do well for ourselves, each other and our environment. About the host: Ankit Srivastava is the Founding Partner and CEO of Levnet Ventures, a UK and India based impact investment platform for early stage tech companies building innovative solutions towards creating social and environmental impact. You can follow him on twitter @ankitpsri

Environmental Professionals in Conversation

  • Publisher: Society for the Environment
  • Total Episodes: 20

Our podcast series is designed to provide insight into the lives of environmental professionals. What drives them? How did they get where they are today? Why do they do what they do?The selection of Chartered Environmentalists, Registered Environmental Practitioners and Registered Environmental Technicians that we’ll be interviewing each month is as diverse as our register is, with our podcasts featuring environmental experts from across a variety of sectors and disciplines. Areas of expertise range from air quality to waste management, water to engineering. You can make sure not to miss any of our podcasts by subscribing now! // Twitter: @SocEnv_HQ // YouTube: Society for the Environment //Website: socenv.org.uk/podcast //

Great Green Questions

  • Publisher: Good Energy
  • Total Episodes: 9

A lighthearted and witty exploration of some of the big questions that come up when trying to ‘walk the green line’/ live life green. Hosted by Juliet Davenport, climate scientist, renewable pioneer, businesswoman, environmental activist and founder of the UK’s first 100% renewable electricity supplier, this podcast invites a panel of comedians and experts to tackle some of the common (and quirky!) questions that pop to mind when trying to live a greener life. Must we forgo flights to fight the big fight? Is being vegan the only way to save the planet? Are bananas bad? This is a lighthearted and digestible exploration into answering the modern world’s Great Green Questions.

The Pennsylvania Project

  • Publisher: The Pennsylvania Project
  • Total Episodes: 37

‘Caster Ken Krawchuk showcases the political, cultural, and environmental challenges facing Pennsylvania, and explores solutions.

The Harmony Project Education Podcast

  • Publisher: Richard Dunne
  • Total Episodes: 10

The Harmony Project podcast series explores the state of education in the UK and around the world. It looks at where education might go next, with particular reference to education for sustainability, learning from nature, and the importance of values and wellbeing. Guests include a range of prominent voices from the world of education, including headteachers, researchers, sustainability practitioners, and young environmentalists.

Talk Shop with Luke Miller

  • Publisher: Moment Creative
  • Total Episodes: 26

Hosted by industry veteran Luke Miller, founder of Moment Creative, this podcast discusses all things marketing and advertising with a special focus on live experience, real-time engagement, and environmental design.

The PUKA Show

  • Publisher: Michael Lowther
  • Total Episodes: 10

Walk away from the Left’s agenda. Walk away from the lies. Immerse yourself in a new perspective nobody is talking about! The PUKA Show is challenging the mainstream narratives about conservatives. The Left will win unless you think for yourself. They will dominate every aspect of your life. Michael Lowther exposes the leftist lies regarding environmentalism, life, and freedom. Ready to be a free-thinker? Good. Welcome to The PUKA Show.

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