White Label SEO Auditing Tools by SEO Audit Software

Trying to score a better ranking on SERPs? But don’t know where to start. Here we are suggesting you use White label SEO Auditing Tool by SEO Audit Software. Why? Will explain it later in this article.

By opting for White Label SEO Tools, now agencies can easily extend their range of SEO offerings to their clients. It has become the standard practice as no one has the time or necessary resources to develop SEO Software from scratch. Nor that they have to do it. There are many White Label SEO Audit Tool options available in the market.

White Label SEO Audit Tool has been around for a while. Which simply means you will find similar tools in the market. But what SEO Audit Software is offering is simply the best. You may know the functionality of White Label SEO Auditing Tools but don’t know what SEO Audit Software White label tools store for you. In this article, we will talk about every detail about SEO Audit Software White Label SEO Auditing Tools. Let’s start from the basics.

What is White Label SEO Auditing Tool?

White label SEO Auditing Tool helps to generate your website audit report in just a few seconds. The audit report analyzes your website’s underlying factors that play a huge role in your Google ranking. And here you can modify the report by your own branding. That means, by adding logo, company name, header, and footer you can make the audit report as your private label and share the report with your clients via email.

What does a White Label SEO Auditing Tools cover?

Additionally, White Label SEO Auditing Tool provides you with actionable insights about your as well as your prospects’ website. The generated report carries the key information that can make your website perform better. The important factors that the SEO report generally covers are,

  • Website Loading Speed
  • Content Loading Time
  • Total number of error requests
  • URL redirect Time
  • Server Connection and Response Time
  • HTTP Request
  • URL health
  • Page Title and Meta Tags correction
  • Topmost important Keywords density
  • Image Optimization
  • And many more…

With the attentive use of SEO report recommendations, you can easily enhance your website’s online presence. It allows you to maximize your website’s potential among the many competitors on the SERPs. With the easily implementable White Label SEO Auditing Tools, now you can take your SEO business to the newest heights.

A brief discussion of White Label SEO Auditing Tools by SEO Audit Software

White Label SEO Auditing Tools by SEO Audit Software comes with advanced functionality. It builts for those experts who need to present a complete technical SEO report in the way they want. And this tool serves the white canvas with advanced-level customization options.

Who needs White Label SEO Auditing Tools?

Following entities will be benefited by using the SEO Audit Software white-label features

Marketing Agencies

Various marketing agencies who are providing SEO services to their clients can get out lots of benefits from this white label SEO audit tool. As they have to deal with multiple SEO projects of various clients. This tool will be a lifesaver for them. While maintaining the quality and quantity they can simply bring better results and simplicity by this tool.

SEO Freelancer

Many SEO experts are now providing SEO services and for them, a White Label SEO audit tool is the must-have tool. By generating white label SEO audit reports, It lets them stay in the competitive market for a longer period.

SEO Professional

SEO professionals are the authentic user of the White Label SEO Audit Tool. As they already know, it helps in dealing with multiple clients projects simultaneously. Relish the potential of your SEO service by using the best SEO Audit Software.

How it works

The procedure of White Label SEO Auditing Tools by SEO Audit Software is written below

Sign up with 14 days Free Trial

Source: SEO Audit Software Dashboard

You can start your SEO Audit Software journey with 14 days free trial. Just Log in using your Gmail. After login, you come to the SEO Audit Software dashboard where you can enter your website URL and most important keyword to get a free white Label SEO audit report.

On the left side of the dashboard, you will find different options to use this software.

White Label Dashboard

Under the technical SEO Audit, go to the White label dashboard.

Source: White Label Dashboard

Here you will find all the necessary options to customize your SEO Audit report.

  • Upload your Business Logo
  • Add your Business Name
  • Address
  • and Footer Content

These simpler steps will let you have your own branded audit report.

To further customize the report, here you will find a report configuration button.

You can control the important SEO factors in your report. By show or hide signals you can configure what factor you want to show on the report and what not.

Source: White Label Dashboard

*Upcoming feature in the White Label: You can translate the report in your native language and can change the report color as per your Branding.

Technical SEO Audit

After the white label dashboard, there is an ‘Audit a page’ section where you can scan your website health by typing the domain and keyword.

Source: Audit a page section

You can run the audit directly from the SEO Audit Software Dashboard or from this section. Within a few seconds, your technical audit report will be generated. As you already come from the white label dashboard it means you completed all the customization steps. Now the audit report you will get will be completely in your branded nature.

My Audits

Source: My Audits section

Here you can see the list of audits you’ve already run on this software. From here you can view the report, download the PDF, and if you want you can even delete it.

Pricing of White Label SEO Auditing Tools

The budget tier of White Label SEO Auditing tools of SEO Audit Software is quite reasonable. There are three exclusive packages available for the Premium user.

Silver Package

If you are a Freelancer then this package will be great for you. The price of this package starts from $19 per month. At this price, you can run 1000 technical page audits. This included all the exclusive White Label SEO Audit Reports features along with other features that SEO Audit Software provides.

Gold Package

Suitable for a big team. Starting only at $23 per month. Here you can run 2500 technical page audits. Also, you are getting all the benefits of the White Label as well as other features.

Platinum Package

Exclusively designed for Marketing Agency. Price started from only $29 per month. At this price, you can complete 5000 technical page audits. All the White Label SEO Audit Reports feature is available.

Apart from the premium benefits of this software, after 14 days if you decide to stick with the free account, you can. But it comes with some limitations. The White Label feature is not available for the Free user. And you can run only 100 technical page audits.

What benefits store in White Label SEO Auditing Tools

White Label SEO Auditing Tools allows you to do the important SEO stuff without developing the need for any other new SEO tools or reporting functionality. It allows your agency to focus on what they can do best.

And by using this tool that is offered by SEO Audit Software now take your SEO game one step further.

Branding the report as per your needs

One of the vital functions of the White Label SEO Auditing tool. You can modify the generated report as per your branded needs.

Promoting the business name in the product or service it provides is a classic practice of most of the business.

Now you can easily do it by simply logging in to the SEO Audit Software. With this tool, add your company logo and name to the report that you have generated for clients.

Without Manufauctuing the tool, provide a data-driven SEO report to your clients

You might be good at Website design. But when it comes to analyzing your client website from an SEO perspective, you have to take help from third-party software. And what better way to do it than the White Label SEO Auditing tool by SEO Audit Software. It takes away the hassle of manually working on an SEO audit. Within a few simple steps, you can generate a data-driven SEO report. This tool lets you keep dynamism on the wheels of revenue.

Better Optimized website

It is not just an ordinary auditing and reporting tool. It’s more than that. With this simple tool, you can easily implement best practices of SEO on your website. A helping hand to make your as well as your clients’ website better optimized for SERPs ranking.

Final thoughts on White Label SEO Auditing Tools by SEO Audit Software

In modern times many marketing agencies are now implementing White Label SEO Audit tools in their daily SEO tasks. By keeping the professionalism and branding value intact this tool can easily uplift the way of your report presentation.

With the stunning data-driven design of the SEO dashboard, you can now manage your different SEO clients’ projects without hopping from different SEO tools. This one tool is providing multiple solutions for your SEO agency. It’s like a super employee of your SEO team who can do the multi-function correctly.

So why waste your precious time by trying and testing different SEO tools. Use SEO Audit Software White Label SEO Auditing Tools to outrank your competitor.

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