Top Emerging English Cycling Startups Revolutionising the UK Industry

January 30, 2024

Startups have continued to emerge in the UK, demonstrating resilience and innovation, even amidst challenging times. This article presents a selection of inspiring UK-based startups, launched in 2020 or later, which are contributing to shaping the future of the cycling industry and beyond. These startups operate in a diverse range of sectors such as recycling and waste management, battery technology, clean tech, artificial intelligence, fashion, mobile apps, and environmental consulting. All of their headquarters are located in England, showing the pivotal role this region plays in the UK’s startup ecosystem.

These budding enterprises all share a common denominator; they are using forward-thinking ideas and technologies that have the potential to disrupt their respective industries. They are introducing fresh solutions that address critical needs in our society, promoting sustainability in various ways and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to problem-solve and innovate. Their stories are unique yet inspirational, paving the way for other startups in the UK and beyond.

Many of these startups are already making a remarkable impact, showing what startups can achieve with a firm goal and strong values guiding them. The progress so far is promising, and we look forward to witnessing their future accomplishments. Let’s delve into the specifics of each of these exciting ventures.

Altilium Metals

Altilium Metals, based in London, operates within the battery, recycling, and supply chain management industries, but with a focus on sustaining the future of the cycling industry. They are known for creating innovative solutions to complex challenges and have already begun to establish themselves as a significant player in their respective domains. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.


DyeRecycle, founded by Anton Firth, is another London-based startup that operates in the fashion, recycling, and textiles industries. This innovative company has developed a unique dyeing fibers technology, which utilizes recycled dye from textile waste. You can connect with them via LinkedIn or on Twitter.


Founded by Steve Ellis and Tim Carrigan, Blike is a London-based startup that is making waves in the cycling, electric vehicle, and manufacturing industries. Follow their story on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.


Scindo, co-founded by Benjamin G. Davis, Gustaf Hemberg, and Juliet Sword, is a cleantech start-up that has developed a cutting-edge enzyme system to replace petrochemical ingredients in various industries with sustainable feedstocks. This includes upcycling plastic waste into high-value molecules. Stay connected with them via LinkedIn or on Twitter.


Greyparrot is an AI-driven London-based startup, co-founded by Miguel Rogers. The company provides AI-based waste recognition software to power next-generation smart systems that will monitor & sort waste at scale.


Focusing on slow, sustainable fashion, Shopperbird is a mobile app created by Paolo Casula and based in London, which allows for on-demand shopping. The company can be found on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Finally, London’s Bamboozo operates in the environmental consulting, recycling, sharing economy, and sustainability sectors. The startup specializes in sourcing and offering a wide range of bamboo and eco-friendly products.

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