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Timetastic Gains Coveted B Corp Certification

Managing your staff and keeping tabs on who is off and when is a headache for most managers and business owners. Since its inception, Timestastic sought to solve this problem by creating an interactive and seamless platform to help managers keep tabs on their staff and workflow.

This quickly growing and ambitious company has made waves time and again. And they are at it yet again! Timetastic has just broken the glass ceiling after becoming a fully certified member of the B Corporation.

What exactly does this mean for Timetastic clients and users, how does the certification affect their business model and service delivery, and what does the future hold for this innovative brand? Let’s look at everything that comes with the B Corp certification for Timetastic.

Who are Timetastic?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard of Timetastic, especially if you are in business or manage a large team. The company takes the guesswork and hassle of organising your employees and determining who’s available and who’s off.

As your team grows, managing it can turn into a headache. But with Timetastic, you can easily keep tabs on everyone on an easy-to-navigate platform. The Timetastic is ideal for medium-to-large-sized teams, a remote workforce, and even traditional businesses. The company’s mode of operation has always been customer-centred, and they practice what they preach.

Who are the B Corp?

The certified B Corporation is a term used to refer to for-profit businesses that uphold the highest standards in social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.

Admittedly, these qualities are not easy to come across, especially in an often cut-throat economy and business sector. That is why gaining certification is a big deal for any brand.

Some renowned certified members in the B Corps include Patagonia,, Animikii, The Body shop, Cascade Engineering, Abel & Cole, Greyston Bakery, New Belgium Brewing, and over 3800 others across the globe.

How will this new status affect Timetastic?

As already established, Timetastic is not your ordinary new kid in the market. Sure, they are just a few years old, but they decided to do things differently from the start. The features and mode of operation at Timetastic makes it easy to see how they acquired the certification. However, they’ve still had to make numerous changes and improvements to attract the attention and accreditation of the B Corp. Some of these changes include;

  • Joining the 1% for the planet cause – Member companies are required to donate 1% of their annual revenue to environmental-based charities.
  • Switching financial institutions – Most financial and banking institutions have little-to-no regard for the minor players and the consumer. The B Corp requires members to change their banking services and use strict ethics institutions, like Startling Bank.
  • Updating corporation documents – The B Corp is an action-oriented force that seeks to positively impact the environment and bring society into the decision-making loop. These decisions and actions should also be legally represented in the corporation’s documents.
  • Launching discount schemes for causes that seek to change the community and world around them positively.
  • Introducing various staff benefits like private health insurance, unlimited budget for education and training, death in service, and a 5% profit share scheme.

When commenting on the news of the certification, Gary Bury, co-founder of Timetastic, had this to say, “We have always held to the belief that doing business the right way is the only way. Looking back, we can be proud of what we have achieved and how far we have come. The B Corp certification reinforces our beliefs and challenges us to aim even higher. We hope to learn more from the other member companies and to create a better relationship with all our clients.”

Becoming a certified B Corporation is no mean feat, and Timetastic has had its fair share of challenges getting to this point. The future seems bright for the company, and they seem to be aiming for the sky.

While it’s not easy to excel in their field – and convince companies there’s a better option than using unreliable paperwork and never-ending excel sheets, they have managed to do it. And even with a growing client base, they still take time to develop practical platforms and engage with you at every step of the way.

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