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Rockwater Hove: the ultimate boutique bar and restaurant experience to visit as the hospitality sector fully resumes

As the hospitality sector fully resumes today, how better to mark the occasion than from sunrise to sunset, at the UK’s most luxurious, coastal community hub, Rockwater Hove. Situated on the picturesque Western Esplanade of Hove’s seafront, Rockwater Hove is the ultimate boutique bar and restaurant experience to visit today. 

As the summer season begins, Rockwater Hove’s serene roof terrace has now opened to the public on a walk-in basis for all-day dining and spectacular sea views. As a community-driven venue, the roof terrace was built as a one of a kind spot for friends and family post-lockdown. Here, residents can once again socialise safely whilst enjoying an array of delicious, locally sourced food and beverages such as seafood platters, charcuterie boards and plant-based delicaciesalong with an extensive cocktail, wine and beer menu. Designed for all occasions, the beautiful retractable roof terrace accommodates the UK’s current COVID-19 protocols and often unpredictable weather conditions.

Luke Davis, founder of Rockwater Hove

“Our vision for Rockwater Hove is to provide a community hub in Hove that reflected the heritage of our beautiful seafront. Our concept for the opening of the roof terrace has been to create a unique spot for friends and family to enjoy post-lockdown. 

We cannot wait to welcome our guests back to Rockwater Hove. This last lockdown has been especially difficult for the nation, but finally, the opportunity to see friends and family responsibly is finally here. To ensure the safety of ours guests, we will be exercising social distancing, as well as providing an app for guests to order their food and drink from, all with the aim of helping family and friends enjoy the most memorable experience, in the safest way possible.”

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