The Most Interesting Venues in London’s Camden

Today we visit one of the most characteristic neighborhoods of London, Camden Town, and what better way than to walk through the Camden markets?

Camden town is a very characteristic London neighborhood, in it there is a huge market where you can find the most eccentric and modern today, from the cheapest prices in souvenirs to the most exclusive and special in clothes such as what you can find on Cyberdog.

Camden Town and its trading posts

The area receives waves of tourists from all over the world every weekend and is a hub for alternative lifestyles. Camden Town is seen as the alternative rock capital of Great Britain.

A Thames canal runs through Camden where there are boats that serve as transport and promenades for tourists and onlookers. In addition, several of those boats (which are narrow but very long) serve as homes for other residents of the area. This is the little Venice of Camden Town.

The Stables Market

One of the most visited areas of Camden is the Stables Market, where it formerly served as a flea market for horse-drawn wagon stalls, hence the images of large horses predominate on its walls and sculptures.

Inside the Stables Market there are dozens of food stalls from all over the world: Pakistani, Argentine, Indian, Korean, Japanese, Italian… many of them have food samples for you to try.


One of Camden’s fashion stores is Cyberdog: the façade already draws attention, once inside you can’t take photos, so it is difficult to capture images of the place… inside there is electronic music as if it were a disco, in the corners of the entrance a boy and a girl dancing to everyone’s delight. The Cyberdog brand is very striking as well as expensive, illuminated by ultraviolet lights, clothes that most people would not wear.

Crazy Plonk Golf

This venue is one of the most fun in Camden if you enjoy mini golf! You get to try your skills at one of its several mini golf courses with unique challenges and an amazingly laid back atmosphere with music and cool lighting. No matter who you visit with when you try Crazy Golf in Camden you’re going to have a great time

Primrose Hill Park

Very close to Camden, there is the Primrose Hill Park, a special place in London where from its hill you can have impressive views of the city, especially in the summer. And right next to it we also have one of the most famous parks in London, next to Hyde Park, The Regent’s Park. Beautiful views of a city full of greenery, classical monuments and history, ideal for summer picnics.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect space to host your next DIY summer party or just need something that comes fully furnished and prepared, we’ve got a list of great summer party venues.


There’s no doubt that Camden is one of the most popular parts of London, so if you’re planning a trip to this incredible city, make sure to spend at least a day in Camden trying out all the recommendation above and as always, have fun!

Image by Erin Stone from Pixabay

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