Spotlight on London-Based UK Startups Revolutionising the Data Mining Industry

January 30, 2024

The UK has always been a hub for innovation, boasting many successful startups across a variety of industries. One particular area that has seen an explosion of growth recently is Data Mining. With the rise of big data, companies have recognised the need for sophisticated tools to extract and analyse the vast amounts of information available. Based in the heart of the UK, London, a number of startups have begun paving the way in Data Mining and are set to disrupt the industry. Here we shine a spotlight on some of the startups, which were conceived in 2020 or later, that are making a mark in this field.

Each company is bringing unique solutions to the data mining industry, whether it’s creating state-of-the-art mining tools, developing software solutions or offering consultancy services in the field. Despite being relatively new, these startups demonstrate a clear understanding of the needs of today’s businesses in managing and leveraging data effectively.

Let’s take a closer look at these data mining startups based in London.


WCKD RZR operates in the data mining, software, and consulting industry. The London-based startup was founded by Chuck Teixeira. More information is available on their social platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.

MAASI Enterprises

MAASI Enterprises is another notable London-based startup specialising in data mining and more. Co-founders Gabriele Marini and Leonardo Zanus have developed a wide-range of technology and engineering consulting services, particularly within the life sciences industry. Further details about the company can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Unseen Insight

Founded by Sanjana Govil, Unseen Insight is a London-based startup bringing a fresh approach to the data mining and software industry. Their social media handles include Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Led by founder Wares Islam, SpeedProxies is focused on offering an outstanding proxy experience for a variety of tasks including data mining. You can find more about SpeedProxies on their Twitter and LinkedIn pages.


London startup SERAC TECH, founded by Kerry Young, is building a SaaS software house providing businesses with data and functionality to build and manage sales pipelines in the property & construction industry.

Emerge IQ

Emerge IQ founded by Douglas Fletcher, is set to revolutionise data science by making it accessible for all businesses. Their products and offerings include API Workflow Integration, Data Processing, Actionable Insights, Algorithm Libraries, and Digital Transformation services.


The final startup on our list is ScrapeIN’, founded by Aleksandr Andriushkin. This London-based startup offers a user-friendly tool to extract data from any website made for both tech-savvy individuals and those with no coding skills. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook or check their LinkedIn

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