Revolutionizing London’s Automotive Sector: Spotlight on UK-Based Startups

January 24, 2024

In an era where the world revolves around innovation and technology, the United Kingdom is a thriving hub of sensational startups. Especially within the automotive industry, different companies are carving out their niches with their unique offerings. London, in particular, has become a hotspot for these technological startups, fostering an environment conducive to their growth and success. In this article, we’re showcasing startups operating in the automobile industry, all born in 2020 and beyond, that call London their home. Here’s our pick of companies that are revolutionising the automotive scene with their inventive solutions.

Co-founded by Anam Rahman and Sumit Sinha, is operating at the intersection of automotive, fashion, software, and supply chain management. The startup has designed a Fulfilment Management System (FMS) that assists procurement teams in guaranteeing timely inbound deliveries and early risk detection.(LinkedIn)

Riviera Circle

This innovative startup, Riviera Circle, is a brainchild of James Kenyon and Kemal Cenan. They’ve developed an application connecting owners of supercars, performance, and classic cars with global luxury brands through accurate targeting. The app requires users to validate car ownership and interests on sign-up, allowing for precise and personal user targeting. (LinkedIn)(Facebook)


Lendwheel is developing a space that connects car owners to potential hirers through a safe online platform. Besides offering monthly all-inclusive car subscriptions for everyday drivers, it also acts as an online car sharing and rental platform. (LinkedIn)(Facebook)


iPRODUCE operates in the automotive, electronics, manufacturing, and social industries. The platform offers a digital co-creation space for a multitude of collaborations and partnerships and provides access to a range of creative tools. (LinkedIn)

Total Vehicle Checker

Operating in the automotive, legal, and transportation sectors, Total Vehicle Checker provides comprehensive vehicle checks to potential buyers to ensure the legality and safety of vehicle purchase. (LinkedIn)(Facebook), founded by Jinal Shah and Mark Weston, is a startup operating across various industries, including automotive. The company collects all cyber-related data points, automates reporting, and provides CISOs an overall view of their cyber defenses. (LinkedIn)

Grayscale AI

Grayscale AI, a start-up by Dragos Stanciu, offers next-gen computer vision and AI technology to increase efficiency, lower costs, and improve sustainability in the automotive and other sectors. (LinkedIn)


Founded by James Hennessey, Hypermile uses AI technology to develop autonomous vehicles, bridging the gap in machine learning and logistics. (LinkedIn)

Track Titan

Motorsports is loved by millions but understood by few. We are here to change that at scale through data-based insights. Backed by car manufacturer Porsche, Europe’s biggest publishing house Axel Springer, Superbet, Ascension, Concept Ventures, Antler and some amazing angels. You can follow their journey on LinkedIn.

Pre Purchase Inspection

Pre Purchase Inspections UK offers a professional service for used vehicle inspections. Their mobile service operates within a 60-mile radius of London, helping potential buyers avoid hefty repair bills. (Facebook)


Zest Eco is aiming to democratize EV adoption in the UK. By focusing on filling the gaps in the public charging infrastructure, they’re playing a key role in the advancement of EV in the UK. (LinkedIn)

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