Revolutionizing Learning: Innovative UK-Based Education Startups in England

January 19, 2024

While the influence of technology has been gradually permeating every industry, the impact it has had on education, particularly in recent times, is transformative. The expansion of edtech, enhanced by COVID-induced disruptions, has catapulted the fusion of learning and technology right into the mainstream. And where better to witness the evolution of this fusion than in the vibrant startup scene of England. Our focus will be on startups incepted in 2020 or later, disrupting the education industry with their innovative solutions, headquartered in England.

The London edtech scene, in particular, is buzzing with activity. Startups are using technology to push boundaries, solve unique problems and introduce new teaching techniques in education. From online learning platforms to AI-based learning tools to career planning portals, these startups cater to a wide array of needs in the modern education landscape. As the world continues to grapple with pandemic-induced changes, the role these startups play in reshaping education cannot be overstressed.

In this article, we will profile new-age, promising education startups that emerged post-2020 in England. Each of these startups brings a unique approach to evolving education and has displayed exemplary potential and promise. Without further ado, let’s delve into the innovative edtech landscape of England.

Your Juno

Your Juno, co-founded by Alexia de Broglie and Margot de Broglie, is an e-learning platform targetting women and non-binary people to boost their financial literacy. Based in London, it’s carving a unique niche by focusing on improving financial education among frequently overlooked groups. Find out more on their LinkedIn page.


Framework, an on-demand, tech-driven business school, has been making waves in the EdTech zone of London since its inception by Asha Haji, Riya Pabari, and Tomos Evans. Built on the model of lifelong learning, Framework has pioneered the concept of modern learning. Check them out on their LinkedIn page.

Created by Dr Jatin Anand, Dr Yao Lang Chang, and Professor Dr Edward Roy Krishnan, is a blockchain-enabled open online course platform focusing on honing principles of cognitive psychology. Their unique solution can be found on their Facebook page and LinkedIn page.


SaigolEd, founded by Faisal Saigol and Melanie Grace, aims to reform the education market globally by unlocking new horizons. It’s built a reputable team that has turned new tech into commercial ventures. Learn more about them on their Facebook page and LinkedIn page.

Life Lessons Education

Life Lessons Education is an edtech firm specializing in teaching life skills, co-founded by Nicole Rodden and Jamie O’Connell. They are known for their unique approach to teaching relationships and sex education. For more details, check out their LinkedIn page.

Would You Rather Be

Founded by Phil Hewinson, Would You Rather Be offers an AI-powered career planning platform. The startup is committed to providing career support and educational services to its users. Their innovation is driven by their focus on using technology and AI to help people make better career choices.


E-Numeracy has been awarded Best AI Product in Education 2022 at the CogX awards. E-Numeracy’s scalability and affordability allow it to contribute importantly to social inclusion, regional regeneration, and national upskilling. Know more here.


Memorisely, hailing from London, specialises in UX Design and E-learning. They strive to set a standard by providing a design education that is affordable, flexible, and most importantly, builds community. For more on the Memorisely approach, you can check their Facebook page and LinkedIn page.


Sam Enrico Williams and Theo Johnson brought the eLearning mobile app, TUT App, into the market to offer influencer and celebrity career tutorials and courses. It is London based and making effective use of celebrity status in the field of education. Find out more on their Facebook page.


Based in London, StanLab is a promising startup that offers an e-learning application focusing on improving exam performance in subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. It’s about bringing a twist in the traditional ways of learning for the certification examinations. Know more on their Facebook page and LinkedIn page.

Tantric Circle

Tantric Circle provides a platform for professional tantra massage course providers to generate bookings. With the best tantric teachers across the world, they are ensuring top-notch quality. You can learn more about them on Twitter.

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