Revolutionising London’s Grocery Landscape: Innovative UK-Based Startup Spotlight

January 30, 2024

London’s thriving startup scene has been teeming with innovation and forward thinking, especially during a period of massive economic change. Logically, one of the sectors experiencing revolutionary change is the grocery sector. Several startups founded in 2020 are attempting to transform the way we shop for groceries, due to changing consumer behaviour and a heightened need for convenience in this post-pandemic world. All the startups we will be highlighting in this article are paving their own paths and making waves in the grocery sector, but all with one common thread – London.

The following generation of startups share a commitment to making grocery shopping more convenient, more personalised, and more sustainable. They’re manifesting this mission through technology, harnessing the power of AI, machine learning, app development, and digital platforms. Their inspirational stories and unique approaches offer valuable insights to anyone considering a startup journey in the UK, as well as shoppers looking for innovative ways to shop.

Take a virtual tour with us as we walk you through a full roster of London’s most innovative grocery startups. From the radical to the revolutionary, let’s explore the brilliance and ambition of London entrepreneurs disrupting the grocery sphere.


Co-founded by Tom Foster-Carter, Lollipop is an online grocery shopping platform that offers personalised meal plans. This E-commerce startup is reinventing the way we grocery shop by integrating a basic need – food – with personalised, intelligent solutions. Linking directly to your dietary requirements and taste preferences, Lollipop is certainly a London startup to watch.

Delivery Drop

Proving to be a champion for local businesses, Delivery Drop brings thousands of products from local stores to your doorstep within minutes. Founded by Haseeb Riaz and Syed Sherazi, the startup is forefronting local retail by offering a swift, tracked and insured delivery service, even allowing customers to chat with their dedicated drivers.


MANO is bringing rapid grocery delivery to Africa. Founded by Moe A Nesr, the London-based startup is committed to integrating technology with commerce, delivering orders within 15 minutes. They have a large network of riders, ensuring swift and effective delivery of the highest quality items.


Founded by Mariam Jimoh, Oja is an online supermarket delivering cultural, ethnic and specialist groceries and products straight to your door. Oja is transforming the way people access ethnic products, with its digitised platform offering fast & transparent delivery.


Dija, founded by Alberto Menolascina and Yusuf Saban, promises to deliver your groceries in under 10 minutes. The startup operates from hubs within local communities, helping to uphold their unique, super-fast delivery pledge.

Jiffy Grocery

Co-founded by Artur Shamalov, Igor Demishev and Vladimir Kholiaznikov, Jiffy is an online supermarket founded in 2020 and based in London. It offers a wide selection of fresh produce, meals, and household essentials sourced from popular brands and local suppliers at retail prices.


Hajde is a platform that simplifies fast and efficient food and grocery deliveries. Established by Erli Cupi and Geri Cupi, the startup is redefining convenience in the grocery delivery domain.


uDrop is a product of the vision of Ade Adekoya Kadri. The startup operates in grocery and food delivery, logistics, and retail technology, transforming the conventional framework with its unique business model.

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