Revolutionising London Banking: Innovative UK-Based FinTech Startups to Watch

January 20, 2024

The London banking industry is witnessing a rapid evolution with an influx of inventive startups, particularly those founded in 2020 and beyond. These startups are boldly challenging traditional banking systems by leveraging modern technological advancements, offering unique banking experiences, and prioritizing sustainability. Here we profile some of these groundbreaking startups that have made a significant impact in a relatively short time.

Their progressive models showcase innovation and promise, bringing new possibilities to the finance sector as we know it. From green finance to personal finance alternatives to advanced data platforms, these London-based startups are redefining how the industry operates and serves its customers.

Let’s take a closer look at these ingenious new entries in the banking industry, their founders, industry niche, and how they’re transforming finance with their inventive offerings.


TreeCard, founded by Gary Wu, James Cox, James Dugan, and Jamie Cox, operates within the Banking, Debit Cards, Financial Services, FinTech, and Sustainability industries. It’s a green finance platform that funds reforestation via the interchange fees generated by its wooden payment card, effectively promoting responsible spending, saving, and investing. Find them on @treecardapp, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


With Gurhan Kiziloz at the helm, Lanistar operates within Banking, Financial Services, and FinTech, offering a customer-centric alternative to personal finance. They use polymorphic technology and have ambitious plans for expansion. You can find more about them on @iamlanistar and LinkedIn.

Bloom Group SA

Headed by James Hickson and operating in the Banking, Financial Services, and FinTech industries, Bloom Group helps digital brands unlock their potential with founder-friendly capital and growth tools. They can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Mast, founded by Henry Stanley, Joy Joseph Abisaab, and Robert Stronach, is developing cloud-native technology to enable mortgage lenders to underwrite more applications and improve service levels. Connect with them on @MastHQ and LinkedIn.


Saurus is a UK-based digital banking startup aiming to reinvent digital and commercial banking with simplicity and ease. Find them on @saurusbanking, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Twig, founded by Geri Cupi, is a circular economy-oriented fintech company that can turn items into cash instantly while encouraging a carbon offset lifestyle. Learn more about them on @twigcard, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Scribe, founded by Nick Errington and Rob Cossins, delivers a data platform for company information using research-based AI to uncover insights about private companies. Stay updated with them on @scribelabsai and LinkedIn.


Inveztor™, founded by Alastair Sharpe and Katee Hunter, is creating an efficient, collaborative digital platform for issuing and maintaining European debt securities. They are on @InveztorLtd and LinkedIn.

Network B

Network B, founded by Brad Blake and Shapna Majid, offers API solutions for banking, addressing customer inquiries through phone, email, and online applications. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.


Xace, founded by David Hodkinson, operates within Banking, Finance, and Financial Services. Stay connected with them on @xaceio and LinkedIn.

In conclusion, these rising London-based firms are notably transforming the way we carry out our banking and financial transactions. With their innovative ideas, they present a promising future for the banking sector in the UK and around the globe.

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