Revolutionising Gift Industry: Spotlight On York-Based UK Startup Innovations

January 30, 2024

Despite the challenges the global business landscape has faced lately, startups – particularly those specialising in gifts – have shown impressive resilience and innovation. Today, we want to draw attention to those companies based in York, UK that have not only survived but thrived in the face of adversity. If you’re ever in need of unique, thoughtful, and often bespoke gifts for your loved ones, these are the businesses you might want to look at.

Leaping into a market filled with well-established competitors can be intimidating, but these plucky 2020 startups managed to do it with some truly exciting concepts. Encompassing gifting, ecommerce, and technology, these companies offer a fascinating blend of handcrafted customisation and automated convenience. We appreciate their ambition, tenacity, and creativity, particularly given the whirlwind of economic disruptions they’ve had to adapt to.

So, let’s not waste any more time in preamble. Here are nine gift startups, headquartered in beautiful York, worth keeping on your radar.

Glizze Gifts – Online Gifts & Flowers Shop

From chocolates to perfumes, wines, and delicious cheesecakes, Glizze Gifts offers a stunning range of gift baskets adorned with fresh, beautiful, and exotic flowers. These thoughtful gifts can be easily ordered for delivery all across New York City, to celebrate life’s most special moments.

Kits by Food Craft

Kits by Food Craft is offering creative and crafted culinary experiences right to your doorstep. Dive into the world of flavours with these unique gift kits promising a remarkable culinary journey.


NoseBest provides an array of unique gift options, including a myriad of handcrafted candles perfect for evoking special memories or creating new ones.


From AI-powered gifting solutions to personalized selections based on individual preferences, Giftpack is revolutionizing gifting experiences via its state-of-the-art tech.

Greatest Gift

Invest in a child’s future with the Greatest Gift app. This unique gift-giving concept is focused on long-term saving and investing with a curated collection of financial products.

To & From

To & From foregrounds the importance of understanding both the giver and the receiver in choosing the perfect gift. Their Gifting Intelligence system takes into consideration all aspects before suggesting the ideal present.


Delivering a range of unique t-shirt designs for all occasions, Twelfth-Tee is a go-to for those looking for a stylish, thoughtful gift. Their comprehensive range has something for everyone.


Zest offers modern gifting solutions for ecommerce brands, providing frictionless gifting on their websites and building relationships with both senders and recipients.

We hope you find this list of York-startups inspiring. Each one is a statement of resilience and an emblem of the innovative spirit that continues to drive UK businesses forward.

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