Revolutionising Freelance Sector: Promising Startups Based in Historic York, UK

January 29, 2024

Start-ups are the lifeblood of any economy, contributing to job creation, economic dynamism, and innovation. In recent years, the UK’s start-up scene has been blossoming, with a particularly high concentration of new businesses emerging in the freelance industry. This is an exciting industry because it signifies the shift towards increasingly flexible work arrangements and the growing popularity of the gig economy. Our focus in this piece is on the thriving start-up scene in York, especially those established in 2020 or later, operating in the freelance industry.

These start-ups have not only contributed to the local York economy, but fed into the growth of the UK freelance industry as a whole. Their founders have harnessed the unique strengths that York offers – a supportive entrepreneurial culture, good transport links, an eager pool of talented professionals, and proximity to major UK cities. Furthermore, operating in the freelance industry, they are at the forefront of modern work practices, offering innovative solutions to freelancers, businesses seeking flexible talent, or both.

Below we highlight several notable start-ups in this category. Not only is it informative to learn about their unique business offerings, but it is also inspiring to see how these young companies are shaping the future of work in York and in the UK as a whole.


Archie is an innovative SaaS platform founded by entrepreneurs Cassandra Aaron, Dylan Hattem, and Yunas Reguero. Its mission is to simplify the process of onboarding, managing, and paying creative freelancers on flexible terms for businesses. As a company that straddles the Freelance, Payments, and SaaS sectors, Archie has created a unique niche for itself in the market. Follow Archie on @with_archie and visit their LinkedIn and Facebook pages for more updates.


helpt, founded by Matthew R Cavanaugh, offers an all-encompassing on-demand freelance service. Based in Buffalo, the virtual support platform caters to a diverse range of freelance work. For more information, visit their LinkedIn page.


Grapevine is a professional platform that bridges the gap between companies and skilled creative freelancers. Founded by Mariana Arrioja, Grapevine is revolutionizing the freelance business by offering tools and resources to automate administrative tasks, thereby allowing both companies and freelancers to focus on their core responsibilities.


Klorah, a company situated at the intersection of several sectors like Art, Consumer, Content Creators, Financial Services, FinTech, and Freelance, was founded by Sebastian Siemiatkowski. Aimed at empowering creatives, it offers a supportive platform that fosters individuality. Follow Klorah on @klorahapp and visit their LinkedIn and Facebook pages for more updates.


Mogle is an insurance company for the digital age, providing stability for freelancers in the Web3 ecosystem. Operating in the realms of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, FinTech, Freelance, and Insurance, Mogle tackles the uncertainty many freelancers face. Mogle can be found on @mogleinsurance and their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Interview Invite

Interview Invite, founded by Chad Stieglitz, provides employers and job seekers with the tools they need to make informed decisions. Through its various platforms, Interview Invite supports job search, interview preparation, applicant conversion, and more.


Raised is a marketplace of reputable business professionals with experience at prominent startups. Founders Artem Bezrukov and Roman Ischenko envision Raised to be a lynchpin accelerating startup growth and leading them to higher valuation. Visit their LinkedIn page for more information.


Goodwork, a company nestled in the Freelance, Online Portals, and Outsourcing industry, promises a desirable work infrastructure for freelancers. Goodwork’s LinkedIn page provides more details about their operations.

In closing, York’s startup scene in the freelance industry allows us to foresee a future where freelance and flexible work is not only more accepted but becomes the standard. These companies are not only contributing to this change but pioneering it.

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