Revolutionary Birmingham-Based UK Startups Dominating the Apps Industry

January 27, 2024

The UK startup sector never ceases to amaze by its diversity, creativity and resilience. Facing one of the most significant years in recent history, 2020 has shown a vibrant ecosystem of startups. A hotbed for innovation is the apps industry, with Birmingham standing out as a notable tech hub. This is no surprise considering the city’s many resources, including its top-tier universities, skilled workforce, and supportive tech community.

Birmingham presents us with a wealth of fledgeling businesses that have the potential to revolutionize their respective industries, bringing fresh, remarkable solutions to the table. In this article, we take a look at several startups that have launched in or after 2020, bringing novel solutions in the form of mobile apps. From companies that focus on improving people’s fitness regime to enhancing user experience online, these Birmingham-based startups are rapidly becoming integral components of our modern lives.

Let’s shine a spotlight on these inspiring startups:


With its headquarters nestled in Birmingham, Alabama, SportAI is a mobile app company focusing on the Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Apps and Sports industries. Founded by Charlie Strohl and Noah Kim in 2020, SportAI has developed an intelligent app tailored to help its users understand and excel in Fantasy Sports. You can explore SportAI’s offerings and stay updated with their developments via their official Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter account (@SportAIOfficial).


Based in Birmingham, England, Talkout provides cutting-edge software, a virtual reality platform, and training to promote workplace wellness. Since its inception in 2020, Talkout has been focusing on developing an app which aids in the creation of a connected culture and facilitates an increased employee engagement. Find them on LinkedIn for more insights.


Stardio is a fitness and wellness startup birthed in the heart of Birmingham in 2020. By harnessing focus group research, Stardio delivers an unparalleled fitness experience. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter via @StardioLive to keep abreast of their latest fitness solutions.

Click Drs

Catering to the Health Care, Mobile Apps, and Wellness industries, Click Drs is an innovative startup based in Birmingham. Stay connected with them through their official Facebook, LinkedIn and @clickdrs on Twitter.


Founded by Josh Gain, GainBase is a SaaS startup providing WorkTech solutions to support SMEs build, motivate and retain a high-performance workforce. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn and @gainbase on Twitter for their latest updates.

ProU Sports

Located in Birmingham, Alabama, ProU Sports was founded by Thomas Coiner. It’s an innovative platform built off College Rosters in Pro Sports. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn and @ProUSports on Twitter.


WineView was founded in Birmingham, Alabama by Angela Caine, Chris Sterling, and Gary Campbell. They believe everyone should be able to enjoy great wine. Learn more about them on their website.


Financial literacy is essential in today’s society, and GrowSafe is on a mission to promote it. They provide gamified financial content via a mobile app. Follow their Facebook page and LinkedIn account for more information.

Concert IDC

Concert IDC is a Marketing, Mobile Apps, and Software company based in Birmingham, Alabama. You can learn more about their work through their Facebook page and LinkedIn account.


Infotera, located in Birmingham, UK, is tapping into the Information Technology, Internet, and Mobile Apps industry. They provide hosting services, dedicated servers, VPS servers, and many more tools. Follow their journey online on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter via @infoteraUk.

In conclusion, Birmingham, whether that be in the UK or the US, is truly a cradle of innovation, with these startups serving as substantial proof. As new challenges arise and technology progresses, we look forward to seeing the continuing impact these businesses will have on their respective domains.

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