Promising Hove-Based Food and Beverage Startups Revolutionising UK Industry

January 28, 2024

In a time when innovation is crucial for survival in the market, startups in the UK are gradually turning the wheel of change, especially in the Food and Beverage sector. Notably, 2020 and beyond has seen an insurgence of new brands making big waves from their bases in Hove. From leveraging advanced technologies to introducing new food processing methods, these beverage and food startups are redefining the industry’s norms. We’ve curated a list of some of the most exciting startups in the field and their initiatives.


Operating out of Hørsholm, Hovedstaden, Denmark, Oterra is all about creating and manufacturing natural coloring ingredients used for food and beverages. They’re known for championing and implementing best practices in food processing by using more sustainable and organic methods. Though their roots are set in Denmark, their innovative impact is felt throughout the global food and beverage industry.


Founded by Frederik Gabriel and Marc Thomsen in 2022, Flows has quickly become a pillar in the Food and Beverage industry. Based in Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Denmark, the company provides a no-code platform for on-site documentation for non-desk workers. It is a game-changer insulin supply chain management. The platform extends control and visibility into the know-hows of food processing and beverage making.


Forged in the heart of Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Jungle is a mobile application that has taken the industry by storm. Launched in 2020, this brainchild connects food lovers to people and places they would never otherwise discover. From restaurants to wine bars, bakeries, and other gems, Jungle helps food enthusiasts navigate through a city’s culinary offerings.

Spanish Club – Denmark

Online venture Spanish Club – Denmark brings Spain’s gourmet and delicatessen food products, wines, and liquors to Denmark’s doorstep. Since its launch in 2021, it has made unique and luxurious Spanish goods more accessible to Denmark’s consumers.

Spansk Klub – Danmark

The similar online venture, Spansk Klub – Danmark, has become a leading e-commerce shop offering premium food products, along with wines and liquors produced in Spain. Launched in 2022, it sought to bring Spain’s authentic culinary wonders to Denmark.

MATR Foods

Another noteworthy Food and Beverage startup is MATR Foods. The Copenhagen-based food-tech startup offers a unique product line – wholesome dishes prepared from fungi like mushrooms, vegetables, and fruits. This startup champions organic food and innovative food processing technology.


Founded by Jake Foley, Kasper Hulthin, and Morten Rinder Stengaard, Bemakers offers a unique platform supporting craft beverage makers. The company provides services across borders, including handling excise duties, VAT, customs, and shipping, propelling the Craft Beer, Wine And Spirits industry to new heights.


ARENSBAK, founded by Christian Arensbak, commits to offering a cutting-edge sensory experience that challenges the norms of the alcohol industry. Located in Københoved, Syddanmark, ARENSBAK is altering perceptions on winery and spirits production.

Geppetto Group

Based in Charlottenlund, Hovedstaden, Denmark, the Geppetto Group doesn’t share much about its specifics but has been making rounds in the Food and Beverage industry.

Each of these companies, regardless of their differences, is driven by the same goal – transforming the UK’s Food and Beverage sector through innovation and fresh ideas. UK’s Hove has become a breeding ground for startups that push the boundaries, and we expect to see further growth in the years to come.

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