Newport’s Rising Stars: UK Health Care Startups Transforming the Industry

January 28, 2024

Emerging in the wake of a health crisis, a new slate of healthcare startups have found their footing in Newport, UK. These ventures challenge the status quo, bringing innovative solutions to fulfill the healthcare demands of today’s world. Let’s take a close look at these startups, all of which were established in 2020 or later, and are making waves in the healthcare industry:


Operating in the Fitness, Health Care, and Wellness sector, MindStreet aims to make mental health support accessible, affordably, without stigma, and deliver better clinical outcomes in a fraction of the time required for traditional talk therapy. MindStreet is headquartered in Newport Beach, California, United States. Learn more about MindStreet on their Linkedin profile.

Forbes Individual and Family Therapy

Forbes Individual and Family Therapy, founded by Bryan and Shannon Forbes, offers comprehensive telehealth services focusing mental health and therapy such as family therapy, mental health culture, healing, and emotional health. Check out their profile on Linkedin or visit their Facebook page.

Concierge Senior Care Management Services

Concierge Senior Care Management Services provides a range of services including care coordination, chronic disease care management, and family counseling. Look at their LinkedIn page or follow them on Facebook.

Newport Pulmonary Associates

Newport Pulmonary Associates provides speciality care for patients with lung diseases, offering services like pulmonary function testing and exercise testing, and diagnosis and treatment of various lung conditions.


Co-founded by Brian Femminella and Travis Chen, SoundMind offers an audio and visual music therapy app designed to help those struggling with mental illness. Follow them on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.


Sick as a virtual care company provides urgent care and primary care services. Visit their Linkedin profile or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

CH&H Staffing Solutions

Located in Newport News, Virginia, CH&H Staffing Solutions offers recruitment services specifically catered to healthcare facilities. Follow them on Facebook or visit their Linkedin profile.

We Love Autism Academy of Virginia

The We Love Autism Academy of Virginia specializes in care for autism spectrum disorders, offering applied behavioral analysis and training services. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn profile.


Co-founded by Ben Greiner, TadHealth is a real-time mental health care management solution for businesses, institutions, and organizations. Find them on Twitter or connect with them on LinkedIn.

Ostentus Therapeutics

Founded by William Graff, Ostentus Therapeutics is a groundbreaking biotechnology company engaged in investigating the efficacy and safety of natural compounds in treating various types of cancer and leukemia through rigorous pharmacological testing.

As these startups evolve and progress, they will continue to shape the healthcare landscape in Newport and beyond, bring about positive changes in patient care, treatment methods, and technological advancements in the field.

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