Manchester’s Thriving Healthcare Startups Making Waves in UK Industry

January 28, 2024

The health care industry has been at the centre stage worldwide due to the ongoing pandemic. UK, with its robust NHS and flourishing tech sector, has been witnessing a rapid rise in health-related startups. Manchester has been the birthplace to a fresh breed of health care startups, especially those who came under inception in 2020 and forward. In this feature, we take a closer look at some of the most intriguing health care startup companies operating out of Manchester.

We have aggregated a selection of health care startups that are making a name for themselves in the industry and beyond. These companies bring new and innovative solutions to some of health care’s biggest challenges, from solutions for managing and preventing diseases, through innovative rehabilitation services, to unique mobile health applications and more. They are utilising technology to provide better and more personalised care for their patients and users.

Let’s embark on a journey to discover these health startups that are making a difference and driving innovation in the health care industry.

BBL Protect

Founded in Manchester, BBL Protect develops medical devices & solutions for the transportation of patients with infectious diseases or affected by contaminants which address the need to protect the patient, attending staff, and the environment. The company operates in the Health Care, Medical, Medical, and Device industries.


Recoverlution is a Manchester-based health care startup operating in the Health Care, Rehabilitation, Service Industry, and Social arena.
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Balance App

Balance App, headquartered in Manchester, is a health app designed to provide support and resources to women going through menopause.
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Founded by Alaine Swis, Vivify aims at revolutionising health care.
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Greater Manchester Primary Care Careers

Greater Manchester Primary Care Careers shines a light on the various professions within the primary care field from medicine to nursing and many more. Also, it provides information on the pathways into the sector.
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V-Health Passport

V-Health Passport, manages digital health credentials along with travel and event tickets, streamlining multiple aspects of consumer life into one efficient digital passport.


Automedi presents a comprehensive solution making product shortages a thing of past with its on-site and demand-side manufacturing capabilities.
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Clinical Pro Assist

Clinical Pro Assist (CPA) is a professional healthcare management software designed by Waseem Aslam to facilitate the patient journey from start to finish.


Soli is a Manchester-based startup, with operations in the EdTech, Education, Health Care, and Wellness industries.
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Wisterias Care Management Software

Founded by Tsitsi Mtasa, Wisterias Care Management System was born from the challenges of working in the care sector during COVID-19. It provides digital solutions addressing administrative tasks, safeguarding against errors, and real-time care monitoring, thereby improving person-centred outcome-driven care.

Those are just a selection of the numerous healthcare startups and companies demonstrating innovation and growth in the Manchester area. Their comprehensive solutions and focused services are proof that Manchester’s startup scene is flourishing, especially in the field of health care.

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