Innovation and Ingenuity: Cheshire’s Top 15 Software Companies Reshaping the Tech Landscape

November 29, 2023

1. AeroCloud: Revolutionizing Airports with AI

  • Website: AeroCloud
  • Description: AeroCloud is innovating in the airport sector by integrating cloud-native, AI-driven software to enhance operations across airports, big and small.

2. DebtStream: Digitalizing Debt Collection

  • Website: DebtStream
  • Description: DebtStream offers a digital platform designed for businesses to efficiently manage and collect debts, simplifying the arrears collection process.

3. Look After My Bills: Simplifying Service Switching

  • Website: Look After My Bills
  • Description: This platform automates the process of switching service providers, ensuring customers always have the best deals with minimal effort.

4. AdviserTech®: Empowering Mortgage and Finance Professionals

  • Website: AdviserTech
  • Description: AdviserTech® stands out with its B2B SAAS platform, streamlining the operations of The UK Adviser Group for mortgage and finance professionals.

5. Bolda: Transforming the Furniture Industry

  • Website: Bolda
  • Description: Bolda is on a mission to revolutionize the furniture and homeware sector by providing time and cost-saving software solutions.

6. Digica: Pioneering AI and ML Services

  • Website: Digica
  • Description: Specializing in AI and ML, Digica offers its expertise to diverse sectors such as Automotive, Defence, Medical, and Telecoms.

7. e4enable: Elevating Sales Coaching

  • Website: e4enable
  • Description: e4enable introduces a unique sales coaching platform, enhancing the performance and efficiency of sales teams.

8. Tugger: Data Management Simplified

  • Website: Tugger
  • Description: Tugger’s software offers a secure and efficient solution for managing and accessing data anytime, anywhere.

9. Freeze Debt: Optimizing Debt Solutions

  • Website: Freeze Debt
  • Description: Freeze Debt specializes in creating digital platforms tailored for effective debt solutions and asset management.

10. INFuse Data Solutions: Business IT Consultancy

  • Website: INFuse Data Solutions
  • Description: This company provides comprehensive business IT consultancy services, focusing on data-driven solutions.

11. Brightmast: AI-Driven Decision Making

  • Website: Brightmast
  • Description: Brightmast leverages AI and cognitive intelligence to simplify and automate complex decisions and processes.

12. Nue.Digital: Crafting High-End Digital Experiences

  • Website: Nue.Digital
  • Description: Specializing in luxury online stores, web apps, and websites, Nue.Digital is known for its high-performance digital solutions.

13. Orbital Software Solutions: Educating the Future

  • Website: Orbital Software Solutions
  • Description: Orbital Software Solutions develops innovative software tailored for the further education sector.

14. Niaxo: Enhancing Business Processes with IT

  • Website: Niaxo
  • Description: Niaxo offers services in business analysis, data science, software development, and data engineering to improve business processes.

15. Pangolin IT: Expert IT Consultancy

  • Website: Pangolin IT
  • Description: Pangolin IT stands out in project management, IT audits, and strategic IT consulting, providing tailored solutions for various business needs.

Each of these companies represents a unique facet of Cheshire’s vibrant software industry, showcasing innovation, versatility, and technological advancement in various sectors. From AI-driven solutions to efficient digital platforms, these companies are not just reshaping the local tech landscape but also making a significant impact globally.

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