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Fupping Media announces the launch of a new platform to help UK consumers find the cheapest products

Fupping Media today announced the launch of a new platform to help UK consumers find the cheapest products. The new product, named, allows users to search for product categories and find the best in class and most affordable products. Developed by experienced company Fupping Media, the new product is fully functional and connects the user to the most competitive deals online.

Commented Nathaniel Fried, the co-founder of Fupping Media, “The new product is an answer to the call of many customers. From the first launch the product has been very well received and people are already signing on to use the platform. A big thank you to all of our customers who helped us develop the new product.” works by using a very simple search process. Users simply need to enter the product plus the category and then the result is displayed to them. The search by result is a cost effective and convenient way to find exactly what you are looking for as opposed to simply checking the prices of many different retailers and their products. The approach is much more cost-effective and hours of time could be saved by using the new product.

The search results are completely transparent as you will be able to see the details of the product such as the price, colour, size and the supplier to name a few. The product also allows the user to get the best deal available. Each price is checked in real-time via a live source which ensures that there is no consumer scams or fraud used on the end-user.

“The new product is also completely free to get started with and easy-to-use. We have provided all of our clients with full tutor support to guide them through the process of using the platform. Owing to the extensive support we offer, we have ensured greater success and efficiency for our customers.” Added Nathaniel.

With the growing trend of online shopping, Fupping Media anticipate that their new platform will help drive the sales of various retailers. The product helps to boost the consumer experience and provides end-users with the product they are looking for in a much quicker and cost-effective manner.

In these uncertain times, consumers are looking for ways to save money and use the money they have wisely. Fupping Media are pleased to offer the market such as service and they anticipate it becoming even more widely used by consumers in the coming years.

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