Exploring UK Identity Management Startups Thriving in York’s Tech Ecosystem

January 29, 2024

The UK has always been a hotspot for startups and progressive technological innovation. This is particularly evident in York, where a thriving startup culture has allowed many brand new companies to flourish. Of late there has been a notable rise in startups in the Identity Management industry, a sector that has become increasingly important in our digitized world. This groundbreaking field involves managing user’s identities in a digital environment. Today, we’re going to look at some of York’s newest Identity Management startups, all founded in 2020 or later, that are making significant strides in the industry.

The need for secure and efficient management of digital identities has never been greater. With every transaction, interaction, or simply logging into an app, users are required to confirm their identity. This constant verification is more than just a nuisance—it raises issues of privacy, accessibility, and efficiency. Thankfully, the startups featured in this article are ahead of the curve, utilizing technological innovation to greatly enhance the state of Identity Management.

From focussing on privacy-conscious online trust-building to combating false media content, these startups represent a diverse range of solutions within the Identity Management space. Let’s take a look at these companies, their services, and how they’re playing a part in revolutionizing this sector of tech.

TruAnon Digital Identity

Founded by Jesse Tayler, TruAnon is helping build trust within online communities by providing control over how individuals share and represent their online identities. It is known for its unique dashboard feature that allows users to portray ownership of multiple digital properties transparently. Find out more on their LinkedIn page.


Applihub is an innovative platform that seeks to assist job seekers in finding their dream career and helps hiring managers find the best talent. With a focus on streamlining the career planning process, Applihub enhances management of digital identity within the job-seeking sector. Check their Facebook and LinkedIn for more details.

Beyond Identity

Created by James Clark and Thomas Jermoluk, Beyond Identity aims to empower digital businesses with secure passwordless identity management. Their approach, utilizing x.509-based certificates, creates a unique Chain of Trust that takes identity verification to new heights. Visit them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Gregory Rocco, Jacob Blish, and Wayne Chang, Spruce is committed to putting control of identity and data in the palms of users across all digital interactions. Their unique blend of analytics, blockchain, and identity management is making waves in the tech sector. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Trusted Sources

Devised by Agim Lolovic and Karen Mulhauser, Trusted Sources stands as a beacon in the blockchain, identity management, and IT sectors. Their services help in improving the security, provability, and transparency of interactions between actors in the digital space.

Reality Defender

Founded in 2021, Reality Defender has developed a unique platform that uses algorithms in real-time to point out manipulated contents in media, assisting both enterprise and government clients to combat synthetically altered content effectively.


Entitle, founded by Avi Zetser and Ron Nissim, is a cloud permission management platform that simplifies and automates the process of requesting and granting access to cloud resources. They ensure a seamless experience for employees while maintaining security and governance. Check them out on Facebook and LinkedIn.

HAND (Human & Digital)

Founded by Will Kreth, HAND aims to bring a new level of security and sophistication to identity management. Further details can be found on their LinkedIn page.


Footprint, created by Alex Grinman and Eli Wachs, is an identity verification platform that aids companies in managing bad actors by creating a shared knowledge database. Also, their KYC service offers exceptional identity management. More details are available on their LinkedIn page.

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