Exploring London’s Flourishing UK Identity Management Startup Scene

January 28, 2024

Identity management is a booming industry in the United Kingdom, with numerous startups cropping up in recent years — particularly in the nation’s startup hub, London. These startups utilise cutting edge technology to protect sensitive information and streamline operations across various sectors such as finance, health, tech and more. This article shall delve into 11 identity management startups that were established in 2020 and later.

The companies we’d be looking at are creating innovative solutions to tackle identity fraud, data privacy, security, and more, using technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, developer APIs, and others. For businesses, these solutions provide the security and customer confidence necessary in today’s digital age. These companies represent a wide range of solutions, from biometrics-enabled identity verification to strong authentication APIs, innovative legal tech solutions, and more.

All of these companies are headquartered in the vibrant city of London, a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. Let’s delve into each identity management startup, exploring what they do, who they are, and the value they bring.


Founded by Mohamed Alsalehi and Tarek Nechma, ComplyCube is a market-leading identity verification platform. It offers the most complete, flexible, and cost-effective AML/KYC tools to help businesses of all sizes build trust. The platform simplifies identity verification (IDV), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance, servicing customers in various sectors such as government, legal, telecoms, financial services, healthcare, e-commerce, cryptocurrency, travel, and more.
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Founded by Ben Gutkovich and Daniel Svonava, Superlinked is creating a social infrastructure for the Internet. The company focuses on cloud infrastructure, developer APIs, identity management, personalisation, and social networking.
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tru.ID, founded by Eric Nadalin and Paul McGuire, reinvents mobile authentication with its APIs for instant, invisible strong authentication. The company operates in the realm of developer APIs, identity management, security, and telecommunications.
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Founder by Dipankar Haldar and Sid Madavapeddi, BenePay.io aids institutional customers in complying with data privacy laws, improving customer experience, reducing operational expenditure, and curbing payment fraud when disbursing payments globally. Moreover, they enable payees to control their personal and payments accounts data.
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Founded by Victor Dan, ZeroTolerance acts as your remote AML and legal department. Utilising its cutting-edge technical tools and a dedicated team of experts, it provides comprehensive solutions for AML requirements.
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Lawtech 365

Lawtech 365, founded in 2020 by Azeem Rashid, Mev Dzihic, and Rudi Kesic, develops revolutionary legal technology and software solutions for law firms. This legal tech startup provides both identity management and compliance solutions.
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Wider Team

Founded in 2021 by Phil Wolff, Wider Team assists clients in addressing seven major IoT issues with four practices. The company operates in the realm of biopharma, consulting, identity management, internet, and pharmaceutical.
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Founded by Ankur Banerjee and Fraser Edwards, cheqd is a Web 3.0 startup operating in the field of self-sovereign identity (SSI). The company offers an incentive layer for the self-sovereign identity ecosystem, thus encouraging adoption.
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Kindana, founded by Mark Harrison, is focused on digital identity. The company offers services centred on personal detail optimisation and sharing.


vSelf is an Identity-as-a-Service project enhanced by NFT-based gamification, operating in various sectors including apps, blockchain, gaming, identity management, information technology, internet, loyalty programs, and software.
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