Exploring Hampshire’s Innovative Internet Startups: Proudly Made in the UK

January 30, 2024

The startup ecosystem in the United Kingdom continues to grow exponentially, with Hampshire emerging as one of the hotspots for entrepreneurial success in the internet industry. Startups established in and after 2020 have particularly shown great innovations, leveraging modern technologies to disrupt traditional markets and establishing themselves as significant contributors to the economy. In this article, we delve into a collection of breakthrough startups in Hampshire, all of which are making bold strides in the internet industry.

The startups highlighted in this article span different segments of the internet industry, including customer service, artificial intelligence, IoT, digital media, and more. Despite their varied fields, what they have in common is their innovative thinking, persistence and the relentless pursuit of growth. They validate the truth of the adage that it’s not about when you start, but how far you’re prepared to go. Let’s take a deeper look at each of these startups, their foundations and their promising journey so far.

In no particular order, these are some of Hampshire’s finest startups, designed to inspire you and give you a deeper insight into the diversity and range of the UK’s burgeoning startup scene.


Based in Fareham, Hampshire, Giganet is an internet service provider that sets itself apart with its excellent customer service. The business was founded by Andrew Skipsey and aims to solve connectivity problems for businesses and homes. Find more about this company on their LinkedIn, Facebook, or direct questions to their @Giganet_UK Twitter account.

SkyLytics Data

SkyLytics Data is an analytics company that couples artificial intelligence with consultancy to offer desirable IoT solutions. Founded by Dan Bergeron and Mike Ormerod, the company is making significant strides in the AI industry. Learn more on their LinkedIn or tweet them at @SkyLyticsD8a.


Offering comprehensive tech services for small and medium-sized businesses, Voicengage is among the important infantry startups in Hampshire. The firm, founded by Daryl Browne and Derek Dodge, can be followed on their LinkedIn or @voicengage Twitter handle.


Changing the sports media landscape is TorchPro, based in Manchester, New Hampshire, and founded by Bryan Goodwin, Joey Diamond, and Matt Fornataro. Their goal is to enhance the interactions between fans and athletes using digital media tech. Visit their LinkedIn, Facebook, or @torchpro_ Twitter account for more updates.

Curioso Industries

Founded by Andrew Curioso, this Nashua-based startup offers a range of services including consulting, eCommerce, SaaS, and web development. Follow them on Facebook, @CuriosoInds Twitter, or their LinkedIn page to know more.


Musicverse, founded by Arun Kumar Mani, is a web 3 company based in Basingstoke that combines AR, VR, and music technologies to offer unique digital entertainment. Discover more about them on their @musicxr_co Twitter page or LinkedIn account.

RailSense Solutions

Headquartered in Emsworth, RailSense Solutions uses IoT and SaaS technologies to optimise railway infrastructure. This intriguing startup was founded by Tristan Lloyd-Baker. Keep up with them on their LinkedIn or @@Rail_Sense Twitter account.

Setuply, Inc.

Another standout startup in Hampshire is Setuply, Inc., an IT firm that offers innovative onboarding automation platforms. Founded by the trio of Daniil Fishteyn, Dmitry Korsunsky, and Rachel Lyubovitzky, you can learn more about them on their LinkedIn.

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