Emerging UK Construction Startups: Spotlight on York-based Innovators

January 21, 2024

The boom in the construction industry in York has witnessed many new startups sprinkling their innovative ideas across the landscape. These startups are challenging conventional ideas and creating industry disruptions with their unique business models, remarkable products and cutting-edge technology.

In this article, we will spotlight ten outstanding startups in the construction industry that have emerged in York since 2020. These companies are not only delivering fascinating solutions but are also demonstrating remarkable growth and have extraordinary potential in transforming the construction sector.

Let’s take a look at these game-changing players that are challenging industry norms and contributing to the advancement of the construction sector in York.


Founded by Grant Robbins and Nyasha-Harmony Gutsa, Billy is challenging what you should expect from a construction insurance solution, allowing users to verify vendor insurance coverage and even purchase coverage all in one place. With its flexible range of services, Billy is truly a breakthrough in the realm of construction insurance. They also proactively engage with their followers on social platforms like Linkedin.

Black Buffalo 3D

Black Buffalo 3D was established by Dae-Sun Chung in 2020. The company has focused its efforts on sustainable 3D construction and related supplies and services. With a mission to revolutionize the construction industry through innovative 3D printing techniques, Black Buffalo 3D is a promising startup with a focus on sustainability, innovation, and efficiency.

Concord Materials

Founded by Anthony Valente, Concord Materials is an integrated material management platform for aggregate providers and ready-mix operators. The startup brilliantly combines construction with tech, ensuring a seamless operational process for the businesses in the sector.


Founded by Chance Emanuels, SimplyCount is a startup in the construction software field. The company stands out with their sophisticated software solution tailored for the needs of the construction sector.


Suphub, founded by Hao L., operates in building material, construction, and wholesale industries. The company’s innovative approach to serving these sectors is gradually gaining recognition and his increasing its impact in the industry.

The Build

Founded by Mo Hoque and Robert Casinover, The Build aims to automate many of the features in project and construction management. Their innovative software solutions simplify complex construction tasks and promote efficiency among the industry participants.


WeDesignNY is a startup that offers a diverse set of services like architectural and engineering services, project management, leasing and financing, construction management, and cost estimation. Its integrated, multifaceted approach has made it an industry leader and innovation champion.

Scott A. Huish

Scott A. Huish is a prop tech real estate startup that is transforming the real estate and housing sector by utilizing innovative technology for acquisition, development, and management. Its vision to build responsible and desirable housing spaces reflects its unique approach to solving the modern-day housing challenges.


GreenStreet is a startup that provides a range of services, including design, property development, consulting, and construction. With its exclusive services related to photovoltaic, solar, thermal, wind, HVAC, and energy monitoring, GreenStreet is creating its mark in the sector.


ODIN is a startup providing cloud-based labour management software that specializes in the construction industry. Founded by Dawn Williamson, Douglas Carney, and Mike Verderese, the company’s approach towards creating tech-integrated construction solutions make it an industry player to watch out for.

Jett 3D

Founded by Katie Snediker, Jett 3D specializes in creating the perfect blend of 3D printing and architectural modeling to bring ideas and designs to life. Truly, a pioneer in using 3D technology in the construction sector, the startup offers a high level of ideation, detail, and functionality in every project.

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