Emerging Ethereum Startups Redefining the Industry from York, UK

January 28, 2024

While the recent years were turbulent for many industries due to the ongoing global pandemic, it proved to be a booming period for the blockchain and crypto industry. UK-based entrepreneurs and developers have been keeping up with the global trend towards decentralization with an outstanding number of Ethereum-oriented startups emerging in particular. For this article, we showcase a selection of Ethereum startups that were founded in the year 2020 or later with headquarters located in the city of York.

Ethereum’s smart contract functionality enables complex applications to be built on its blockchain. These include Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), all of which show promise of entirely disrupting traditional industries. The following startups we are going to present are all exploring these new opportunities.

These startups vary from finance platforms, DAO governance aggregators, non-custodial protocols for recurring payments, platforms for full collective ownership of NFTs, utility token cryptocurrencies, metaverse companies, cryptocurrency fund managers, developer API providers and blockchain startup building open ecosystems for decentralized apps (dApps) & marketplaces.

Greenwood Finance

Greenwood Finance is a decentralized finance platform that reduces interest rates for crypto borrowers by automatically integrating with multiple lending protocols. It was founded by Brandon McFarland and Nathaniel Mendoza. Find out more about the company at their Linkedin page.

Boardroom Labs

Boardroom Labs offers a DAO governance aggregator that enables stakeholders to make informed and prompt decisions. The driving force behind Boardroom Labs is Kevin Nielsen. More information on Linkedin.


Diagonal is an Ethereum-based project that facilitates non-custodial, recurrent payments. Additional details about Diagonal can be found on their Linkedin page.


SZNS is a platform that makes collective ownership of NFTs feasible. The company was founded by Dan Truong, Jack Dille, John Bisu, and John Lee. More about SZNS can be found on their Linkedin page.

Metaverse Quantum (MTQ)

Metaverse Quantum is a community-driven cryptocurrency with multifunctions such as replacing currencies, supporting merchant services payments, and many more. Wellington Antonio Barrientos stands behind the inception. The Linkedin profile of the company contains more detailed information.


Oncyber is a metaverse company that allows artists and collectors to construct and sell their 3D virtual showrooms for NFTs. It was founded by Rayan Boutaleb. Find out more on Linkedin.

EMMA Digital Capital, LLC

EMMA Digital Capital acts as a cryptocurrency fund manager and sponsor of Reg A+ Ethereum funds. The company was the brainchild of Edward C. Yu, Joseph C. Cane, Jr., and Mirza Joldic.


Transpose aims to set new standards for blockchain data by converting low-level data into high-level, human-readable APIs. The founders Alex Langshur and Michael C. drive the company’s journey. More information can be found on Linkedin.

Unu Labs

Data on Ethereum has never looked this good with Unu labs as a blockchain startup that builds an open ecosystem for Decentralized apps & marketplaces. Founded by Easy Pain, Mof Goat, and Paul Billion. Visit their Linkedin page for more details.

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