Emerging Cybersecurity Innovators: Unveiling London’s Leading UK-Based Startups

January 20, 2024

London, an epicenter for innovation and entrepreneurship, is home to a burgeoning technology scene and is lately becoming a prominent hub for cybersecurity startups. Founded in 2020 or later, these startups boost the city’s reputation as a prime location for tech and cybersecurity companies. They provide a wide spectrum of cybersecurity services and technologies, helping businesses to proactively protect their digital assets and information from sophisticated cyber threats.

Given the increasing pace of digital transformation and the growing need for robust cybersecurity measures, these startups are playing a crucial role in building safer cyber environments. Below, we delve into twelve such start-ups that have shown exceptional growth and promise within a short period.

These companies are not only upgrading the cybersecurity landscape in London but also playing a significant part in revolutionize the global cybersecurity sector with state-of-the-art frameworks and innovative services.

Push Security

Founded by Adam Bateman, Jacques Louw, and Tyrone Erasmus, Push Security is a renowned player in the cybersecurity realm and an expert developer of cybersecurity software. This software is designed to empower employees to combat threats, automate, and implement crucial security controls.


Founded by David Primor and Roy Azoulay, Cynomi is a provider of scalable vCISO services. It offers a pioneering AI-driven, automated vCISO platform to enable MSPs and consultancies to deliver vCISO services without having to expand their current resources.


OwlGaze is a specialist in cybersecurity software and advisory. They offer a range of cyber solutions, with their proprietary predictive AI-based threat detection software, Blacklight, providing top-tier security by identifying, prioritizing, and preventing cyber attacks.


Established by Andrew Zhulin, Dima Zhulin, and Peter Fedchenkov, with the goal of reshaping the modern security landscape Soveren helps businesses regain control over sensitive data with its proprietary technology that performs real-time scans of Kubernetes clusters.


ISTARI was established in 2020 by Temasek, an investment company based in Singapore. The startup operates as an advisory practice, investment entity, and education provider, aiming to guide clients towards digital resilience.

The Software Institute

The Software Institute offers contemporary on-site and online training in software development and its application in business and consumer spheres, making their students the most sought after in the industry.


Co-founded by Anders Reeves, CovertSwarm leverages an innovative approach to IT management and penetration testing, contributing to the development of a safer internet.

Network Science

Network Science offers comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, including network security and physical security services, alongside robust IT management consulting.


Housed in London, ImpactVest occupies a niche space in the cybersecurity landscape by integrating financial services and asset management with robust cybersecurity protocols.

Vizniti Solutions

Vizniti Solutions specializes in offering consulting services across a broad array of disciplines such as Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and IoT, unified under the mantle of cybersecurity.


A London-based startup founded in 2020, Asceris assists clients in investigating and resolving cyber attacks and other adverse events. It ensures issues are resolved quickly while limiting business and financial impacts.

London, with its dynamic start-up culture and innovative developments in the cybersecurity sector, has firmly cemented its place in the international tech scene. This vibrant and fast-growing ecosystem continues to attract entrepreneurial talent and investment, fostering a thriving technological hub renowned for its cybersecurity advancements.

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